If your wife is frigid, it’s all your fault

ONE common error of assumption about the response of some wives to sex is that they are frigid. In fact, some wives have also come to believe that lie of assumption as well. It is like no matter what you do to, or for them, sex is a no go area for them. They are like a log of wood in their response to sex. That is, they cannot be pleasured sexually; they have no sexual desire. I was once like that too, thinking that I could not enjoy sex because I was not enjoying sex in my marriage. But all that frizzled out when my husband and I discovered the secret that will make me enjoy sex. Now, it’s a different ball game altogether for my husband and I.

The truth is that nothing like that is farther than the truth. No woman is frigid with reference to sex. If you think otherwise, it’s because you don’t know what sexual pleasure is. It’s like a sleeping giant that has to be awakened. That’s why people say that women are pretenders when it comes to sex. You are dazed or taken aback to see a woman you were practically pleading with to have sex with you, suddenly throwing caution to the wind right in the middle of the very act. The truth about that is because she is like a well, whose water must be drawn out to be able to drink it. A woman is deep like a well in the matter of sex, and only a man with a drawer can taste her water.

Not only is she like a well, the depth of each woman’s well differs, just like it is with various wells around town: some are five feet deep, others are ten feet, twenty feet, thirty feet, and so on in depth. Given the various depths, you also need various lengths of drawers to draw water from the various wells. A woman who is like a thirty-feet deep well, requires a drawer with a commensurate cord length to get her water. That is why, with a tickle, a woman is bringing out sexual response, while another one requires real sweet talk,coupled with massaging to get her to be sexually responsive.

Each husband must come to terms with the reality of the well nature of his wife to make her respond appropriately to him in the matter of sex. If a man can strike the right cord, his wife will be singing the right tune, and very sonorous for that matter, and for a long time. So, she can go more than one round with you. Or don’t you understand what we are talking about with reference to this sex nature in humans.? Is it possible for a monkey to ignore banana? Or can a fish get into water and not swim? It’s absolutely no. All that you need to catch a monkey is to bait it with banana. The rest will be history in a matter of moment. It reminds me of a wife like that who thought herself to be frigid. When she was well drawn out of her cocoon, she confessed that her husband had turned her to something else in the act of sex. She was pleasurable shocked as to her reactions in the act. Or can the bush refuse to burn in the middle of fire? Don’t let your religious mind refer me to the biblical Moses experience. It’s not relevant to the reality of a wife: Set her on fire, then you will see her burning rapidly. Or can a man embrace fire and his clothes will not be burnt?

Likewise, that is what a husband needs to do to his wife, that he has been made to believe to be frigid, come alive with rapturous joy and gymnastic display in the sex act. You must learn to throw her monkey, the banana she cannot resist. When you do so, it will surprise you what that supposedly frigid wife of yours can do with you in bed. So, get down to business with your wife, draw her out of her cocoon, and let her show you skills in the act of sex. The how to get the water out from the well of the supposed frigid wife is our next focus. Please stay focused.

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