If you could be any character in a movie or book, who would you be?

Movies  and books are not real life, hence, we do not draw our ideals from them. They are materials created and produced by people who chose to extend their fantasies to others through mediums like books and movies. These books and movies however, help us to relax, perhaps even project our fantasies. This week on WhatsApp Conversation, we are out to do just that. Respondents are picking out the characters from books or movies that they would like to be:


James Olamidotun

It would definitely be Alice from the Resident Evil movies. While we discover she’s been a clone this whole time in The Final Chapter, I would love to be her. Alice is the total opposite of what I am, and I could use her personality, attitude, and thinking process. While Alice has shown that she cares for people, she is overall, a tough person. Alice doesn’t take crap from anyone, and she’s determined to get to her goal. Alice doesn’t let anything stop her, not even if someone dies or a bomb is ready to destroy all of Raccoon City.


Korede Isaac

That character would be Raymond Reddington from the Blacklist. His thinking process, the fact that he always has a plan or seems to fit whatever is happening into his plans. His oratory prowess and business acumen cannot also go unnoticed. He is a lot.


Olamide Obabiolorunosi

Forget heroes or saints. I would go for my personal favourite – the Joker. He may be a lunatic, but he has good insight into the real world. Unlike heroes, he doesn’t fight darkness, he embraces it, and that’s something we all need to learn from him. Plus he’s a super-villain with style! I think he’s pretty hot and has a great personality. I just hope I’d have my very own purple Lamborghini.


Keem Tunde

Miguel from Coco. The driving personality quality for me is his single-minded belief in the pursuit of whatever he did. His pursuit for what he believed in meant visiting the land of the dead and he did it. He didn’t run away from it. He was a real goal-getter.


Ven. Mark Agboola

It would be a very long list, Harry Potter would probably be at the top of that list and it won’t be down to his magic spells or his boyish looks. He is my pick because he shows that there is a world with a different set of possibilities and that even in that alternate universe, love is still a constant.

Alice Oni

When I first saw the question, the first answer that popped into my head was obvious. I would choose Charlie from my favourite ever book the Perks of being a wallflower,

a very short list of a larger list of reasons;

The qualities he possesses are brilliant. Smart, funny, kind, introverted, and an all-around great guy. The things he experienced; the Rocky Horror picture show, creating mixtapes, driving through a tunnel listening to Heroes By David Bowie to name a few. Infinite indeed. His  literary skills. That boy understands the intricacies of the English language. He is undoubtedly the best fictional introvert and a role model for introverts worldwide.


Tosin Awoniyi

If I could be any character in a movie or book that would be an “Antagonist.” Why? Because I won’t act my real self, I would act the opposite of myself. I am also going to bring another person’s character to life in the movie. I would also love to act as an antagonist in a movie or book because I would love people out there to see the opposite, not the real me, and I know if this happens people would be amazed that “so you are the one that acted as an antagonist in that movie or book.”

Cynthia Ekwere

I would like to associate myself with the Tinker Bell or Peter Pan Storybooks. And the character I will  choose will be Tinker Bell. There are many reasons behind why I relate to Tinker Bell:

I find her brave. She is not among the mainstream fairies that are known for their beauty and magic but she belongs to the working class of fairies and yet still she was beautiful.


Stephen Ajani

It’s Sherlock Holmes for me. The quintessential (consultant) detective. Sherlock did not need to upload himself to the internet to be all-knowing. The raw nature was his sense organs. A man who could dodge all threats and convince most people. A man who could see through people without the need for X-ray vision. I like solving puzzles, but an hour of such ordeal tends to heat up my brain.

And here is a man whose brain heats if there is nothing intricate for him to solve.

Next week’s question is: What characteristics do you think are necessary for a strong relationship? Do you possess these characteristics?

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