[ICYMI] El-Zakzaky to Indian official: Your hospital, a prison for me living in well furnished house next to Senate President – VIDEO

A new video featuring the leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, narrating his detention experience in Nigeria with an unidentified Indian official during his last aborted medical trip to India has emerged online.

In the said video, the Shi’ites leader told the official that his experience in the Medenta Hospital, New Delhi, India, where he had been admitted for treatment last Monday, before he rejected the offer was like an imprisonment, as way back in Nigeria he said he had enjoyed a greater freedom even when in custody.

In his explanation about his last four-year experience in government’s detention facility in Nigeria, as against an impression that he was taken into custody with restricted movement, El-Zakzaky said he lived large in well furnished house close to the residence of the Senate President’s residence, and he was also free to move around.

In his own estimation of the treatment accorded him in India compared with situations in Nigeria, Sheik El-Zakzaky alleged that the Nigeria’s government only complicated matters and made relations with officials and hospital authorities worse for him which resulted in him being treated as a prisoner in India.

“I have been about four years in prison now in a house fully furnished. In fact, our next neighbour was the Senate President; a large house. I was free to move about.

“Similarly, when they moved me to Kaduna I was in the best area, in a government reserved area. It is a house fully furnished with large bedrooms and I was free. I have never been in detention with police there; in fact, the soldiers used to stay outside at the gate. That is what they have been doing. When we came here, we were put in prison.