Ibadan traditional institution must revert to its original concept —Makinde

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, on Tuesday, addressed the controversy surrounding the installation of the next Olubadan of Ibadan land, stating that his administration will ensure that Ibadan traditional institution is reverted to its original concept.

Noting that the current controversy originated from the actions of the immediate past government which the late Olubadan of Ibadan land, Oba Saliu Adetunji opposed, the Oyo state governor said he will stand for and carry through what the late Olubadan stood for.

He declared that the late Olubadan had etched his name in the history of Ibadan and its chieftaincy “for standing for truth and boldly telling the last administration that certain things being done were not right.”

Makinde, who spoke while paying a condolence visit to the family of Oba Saliu Adetunji, declared that his administration will ensure that never again will controversy regarding who emerges the next Olubadan happen.

He chided those persons fuelling controversy regarding the emergence of the next Olubadan urging all and sundry to key into what Oba Adetunji stood for.

Adding that his administration is out to preserve the integrity and sanctity of the Ibadan traditional institution, Makinde announced that the late Olubadan would be given a royal, befitting state burial.

“Those who are using the death of the Olubadan to cause trouble regarding who should be the next Olubadan or not; the case is in court or not, let me state it clearly that Ibadan traditional institution must revert to its original concept.

“This is the last time that there will be controversy regarding who should be installed as the next Olubadan.

“As a government, I am giving the assurance to Ibadan indigenes and lovers of Ibadan that what the Kabiyesi stood for is what I will carry through.

“Anyone who loves himself should key into it. I know Baba is looking at us and will give us support to do what is right to preserve the integrity and sanctity of the traditional institution of Ibadan.

“Baba stood for truth; if not that he stood for truth, he will not boldly tell the last administration that certain things being done were not right. Power is not easy to manage except for those that God touches their heart.

“Baba looked at power in the face and stood for truth on the traditional institution of Ibadan. That caused all this controversy. Though Baba is no more, what he stood for is with us.

“The history of the traditional institution in Ibadan will no more be complete without acknowledging what Baba stood for. What we as children, can do is to give Baba a royal and befitting burial. The government will do just that.”

He chided those castigating him for not being around when the Olubadan joined his ancestors as ignorant, stating that he ensured that Adetunji got the best medical attention.

Makinde said, “When I heard about the death of the Olubadan, people said a lot that I should come home. Those people are ignorant because every moment of the way when Baba was sick, I was talking to the medical people, event at Infectious Diseases Centre, Olodo.

“I also gave the go-ahead that they should allow Baba’s aides to be with him. I delegated Professor Alonge to give me reports on a daily basis. So, they are not the ones to tell us how to take care of our elderly. We did what we had to do.”

In his remarks, one of the sons of the late monarch, Abdulroheem Adetunji avowed that his dad stood for truth and urged Makinde to ensure that the Ibadan traditional institution is not destroyed.

This is as he prayed God wisdom and guidance for the Oyo governor to take the right decisions regarding the Olubadan controversy, in the coming days.


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