I will give women 35 per cent if elected in 2019 ― People’s Trust presidential candidate

womenAHEAD of the 2019 general election,  the Presidential candidate of Peoples Trust (PT), Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim, has assured Nigerian women of getting a 35percent representative in the elective positions and appointment if he emerged the nation’s president in 2019.
Olawepo-Hashim who stated this in Akure, Ondo State capital, during the inauguration of South West Women for Hashim, said his government would ensure women participation in politics and governance.

He said “I fought for this when I was Secretary of Youth and Women sub-committee of transition of the beginning of President Obasanjo in 1999. We realised that in the cabinet, there were more than 30 per cent almost 35 per cent of women in that cabinet when Obasanjo was elected.

I will exceed that projection when elected as president because I once fought for it. We will achieve that and we will ensure that affirmative per cent.”

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Apart from this,  the People’s Trust Presidential candidate, promised to put an end to cervical cancer if elected president, saying his government will sponsor vaccine for all girls from age nine to age 25.

“We will vaccinate against cancer and that is what I am going to do for all Nigerian girls and young women.

“They will have the vaccines against cervical cancer when I am elected president in 2019. As commander in chief, I will do it within 6 months of being sworn-in. This is a major program for women that will protect them in the future against falling ill to cancer.”

Olawepo-Hashim also promised to create four million jobs annually if elected president in 2019 and said “I’m somebody who knows how to create jobs. I will create jobs for your children.

“I will create four million jobs every year by removing the obstacles to investment in Nigeria because it is only the private sector that can create jobs, not the government.

“We are going to expand the economy from the $510 billion to a $4 trillion economy. That will be achieved with the New Nigeria Economic Development Plan.

“We will pay workers minimum wage and will celebrate our first anniversary with N50,000 minimum wage for workers. We will stop killings and unite Nigerians. Nigeria has never been divided as it is under the APC government today.

“We will give Nigeria a government that will unite the country, secure the land and a government where all Nigerians will be protected.

Speaking his vision for the power sector, he said “all that I will say is that the most important thing will need in the power Sector is an investment. For you to have an investment in the sector, investors must see how their money will come back when they put their money in the Sector.

“For now, the distribution sector where the money is collected is not being properly managed. Revenues are not coming. If they can’t collect their revenue, they can’t invest in the power sector. We need to fix what is going on in the distribution sector.

“Right now, the privatisation done was not effectively done. We have people managing that Sector, who do not have the capacity in investment to make that sector, that unit to be efficient. That is where the problem is, we need to fix it and I will fix because I am an investor in the power sector.”

Hashim, while speaking on restructuring, said ” I believe in the devolution of power from the federal government to the state, so that they can mobilise resources.

” But I did not believe in the recomposition of regions. I believe in moving power from the federal government to the state government. I will address the lack of equality in the zones. I will create one state in the South East region, that I will do within one year.”