While I take care of our home, my husband spends his money on local gin —Woman

Mrs Hannah Adewumi,  has approached an Ikole-Ekiti, Ekiti State Customary Court in Ekiti State,  seeking for the dissolution of her union with her husband, Sola, a farmer and okada rider, on the ground of constant fighting.

The plaintiff told the court that all her efforts to show love and maintain peace in the union have been futile.

The plaintiff alleged  that her husband would pick offence and quarrel over any little misunderstanding.

“Sometimes, I go for menial jobs to get food for the family, buy my husband gifts like foot wears and pay our only daughter’s school fees to show how much I want to keep my marriage.

“But my husband,  rather than take care of us, whenever he has money will go out with  friends to drink ‘jedi’ local gin.

“I  had  been hospitalised  on certain  occasions  due to a rise in my  blood pressure as a result of  the maltreatment I received from my husband”  she said.

She stated that she was no longer  interested in their  union again and thus  prayed  the court to grant her custody of  their only child, a two-year-old  girl and also help her retrieve her property, which she said included hair dryer and dresses, among others, from her husband’s house.

The defendant however denied all the allegations .

The court, headed by Mrs Yemissi Ojo, said a warrant should be issued on the defendant in order to retrieve the property in his house and adjourned the case till July 3 for further hearing.

She  added  that the defendant must come to court with his witnesses on that day.