I started a revolution which gave Nigerian girls confidence to express sexuality —Afrocandy

She has no other way to be described other than controversial celebrity going by her lifestyle and brand. United States-based Judith Mazagwu, popularly known as Afrocandy, actress-cum-musician, is an actress that derives pleasure in mesmerising the showbiz and social media with her ‘nudity brand’. In this interview by SEYI SOKOYA, the mother of two speaks on why she kept a low profile lately and her position on the allegation of promoting nudity in the industry. Excerpts:


You have kept a low profile lately. What has been the main reason that kept you away from your passion; showbiz?

I was busy with my children lately. As I posted that my first daughter graduated from University (College) in May; my second daughter also graduated from High School last month and would be going to the college next month. It has not been easy (no be beans o my dear). They needed my full attention and I am glad they are making me proud, even as a single mother.  I cannot love them less. However, I can never abandon my showbiz career. I am still very much active with my career. I’m actually preparing for the main ‘show’ and I want my fans, especially the positive ones to be on the lookout.

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There are insinuations that you have dumped acting up until recent notice of your latest work. How will you react to this?

Those are mere hearsay; they are only seeing the part one of my acting up; more parts are coming soon. I have come to the industry to stay, rule and shine. So, I am not bothered about any negative comments. Nothing can distract me from my goal.


What do you mean by main show? Are you saying your fans have not seen enough of you?

Correct! My fans are yet to see what is coming; they have not seen enough. As for those that are talking what they like, let them look around, I started a revolution in the industry, which has made Nigerian girls and women to be confident to express sexuality; appreciate themselves and not afraid to go naked. The producers are also confident enough to add sex and nude scenes in their productions all because of me; they don’t give me my credit, but talking crap about me polluting the business?


Some people have levelled allegation against you that you are not ordinarily acting, but polluting the showbiz and even the social media with your nudity. How will you react to this?

I feel wonderful! It is a good thing to pollute the showbiz with nudity; at least, I am curing men of Kongi.


Do you agree that erotic movies don’t sell, especially with the conditions of the censors’ board?

Who says they don’t sell? Well, mine sells, you just have to know how and where to sell or get them. My movies are meant for adults that are interested in them.


You recently concentrate on films, but you are also known to be a musician, have you suspended that too?

I’m still doing music. In fact, I have some hit works coming out soon.


You also one time expressed your nationality in the foreign land, is this an attempt to denounce your Nigerian nationality?

Not at all, I am a dual citizen; an American and a Nigerian citizen. I can never denounce my country of birth. I love Nigeria, but the current state of the country has become a thing of worry.


You had a terrifying surgery lately, what was the experience like?

The experience was great, though very painful, but was worth it. I am now free of fibroid and very healthy. My body is in good shape. It is an awesome experience maintaining a cute body shape.


Is there any possibility of returning to your normal self, especially as to how you started as an actress back in Nigeria, even with the mode of dressing then?

Yes, there is a possibility! Mind you, I’m a versatile actress. I can play any role. That doesn’t mean I’ll stay like that forever, I just tackle every role and whatever their requirements may be.

Has any of your daughters shown interest in your career?

My daughters are kid actors; they have acted in a couple of movies, both in Nigeria and the USA. I will have them in regular movies again when my production kicks off big time. I don’t think I influenced them because they started acting and modeling as kids before I started.


Are there plans to visit Nigeria anytime soon as some of your fans have requested?

I will like to keep that private for security reasons.


What is your assessment of the Nigerian entertainment industry compared to US?

Well, Nigeria is rising! There can be room for improvement.


How will you react to the notion from some fans that claim actresses of your category are being promiscuous?

It doesn’t bother me. Sex sells in the industry, so let them be.


What would you like to tell your fans?

I love my fans so much and appreciate all the support from them and I promise to keep the flames burning no matter what.

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