I paid N120,000 to driver who agreed to convey remains of my late daughter — Deborah’s father 

The father of late Deborah, Emmanuel Garba, has revealed that he paid N120,000 to the one driver who agreed to convey the remains of his daughter who was killed by a mob over an alleged blasphemous statement in Sokoto last week Saturday. 

This was even as he said all the drivers he approached to convey the body of his daughter refused to take her remains. 

Speaking in an interview with some journalists after the burial of his daughter, Garba confessed that when he heard about what happened to his daughter, he drove down to Sokoto to retrieve the remains of his daughter who was deposited at the mortuary. 


He said there was no point to continue to delay her burial since she was dead and nobody could bring her back. 

Garba, who is a security personnel with the Niger State Water Works Cooperation at Tungan-Magajiya said: “We can’t say or do anything, except to take it easy as an act of God. We have left all to God. We have decided to take it like that”.

“I personally went and brought back the body of my daughter to enable me to bury my own child. This is because keeping her in the morgue will not return her back.

“When I got there, I met government officials and made them understand the need to allow me take her back home and they agreed with me. When we got to the morgue, those in charge asked me to sign the necessary documents and I did. They released the corpse to me.

“I personally, paid the sum of N120,000 to the driver out of many that refused to convey her back home and it is because of the condition of the remains. Most drivers we approached all refused except one.

“The government wanted me to leave the remains, when they called me, I said no, they should allow me to please, bury my daughter.”


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