I lost two pregnancies after he beat me, my first husband’s death led me to him —Wife

•She buried fetish objects in the corridor, stood on cutlass when taking her bath —Husband

The sixteen-year-old marriage between a couple, Dayo Abiola and Kabiru Abiola has been dissolved by Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

According to the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, it was necessary that an end be put to their wedlock since it was filled with violence.

Odunade awarded custody of the four children produced by their union to the plaintiff while the defendant was asked to pay the sum of N20,000 monthly through the court as their children’s feeding allowance.  He was also mandated to be responsible for their education and health care.

“My lord, I would not have ended up in Kabiru’s house and met with woes if I hadn’t lost my first husband.

“My uncle stood against my marriage to Kabiru but I was bent on marrying him. I was then head over heels in love with him.

“Kabiru pretended to be a responsible person when we met and a loving husband at the outset of our marriage.  But gradually, he began to show his true nature.  Then it dawned on me that I was married to a wolf in sheep clothing.

“My lord, my husband has almost snuffed life out of me with his regular beatings. I lost two pregnancies as a result of his beatings. Kabiru was in the habit of hitting me with the shoe heel and would not leave me untill I bled.  This eventually led to miscarriages.

“He abandoned me and our first child while I was carrying our second child’s pregnancy which was then two months old. He moved in with his lover and cared less about us.

“He insisted that I abort the pregnancy but I refused. He, therefore, instructed the pastor attending to me at the mission house where I registered to stop giving me attention. According to him, the pregnancy I was carrying was not his.

“The mission house came to my rescue after I had put to bed by making available the necessary baby items which he refused to provide money for.

“My lord, my husband refused to show up after I had put to bed. He showed up only after much pressure was put on him. And even when he came, he put up a fight. His grouse was on the sex of the child which the scan result stated was male, while I put to bed a female child. He accused me of lying to him.

“My lord, I’m a trained hairdresser and was running a salon, but I had to sell my dryer and other tools and used the money to feed and train our children in school.

“I was later able to raise a reasonable amount after much effort which I used in starting my foodstuff business.

“A few months after this, I was down with stroke which affected my left arm and leg. I was nursed by my family members who bathe, fed and carried me to the toilet throughout this period.  Kabiru had returned home then but he neglected me. He later requested that my parents took me to their house.

“I moved back to his house after our parents mediated in our differences but he refused to let peace reign. He kept threatening to bring in a new wife.

“My lord, Kabiru took to beating me mercilessly. He would hit me with a saw and leave me with lacerations all over my body.

“He starved me and our children. I became as lean as a scare crow and was a sorry sight. I took up menial jobs for survival. I appealed to my uncle to give me his clothes to wash and pay me instead of giving them to his dry cleaner. With that I had a stable income every week.

“Kabiru later threw me out of his house and I had to hang around in the neighbourhood in order to monitor my children’s welfare. Our children were always coming to me for food.

“He accosted me one night as I was going for vigil and beat me blue black. I fainted and would have died but for passers-by who came to my rescue and carried me to my church.

No one is too powerful for me to control — Buhari

“My lord, he waited at the junction of my church the following morning and came after me on sighting me on my way home. I ran, waved down a bike and jumped on it.

“I later reported him at the police station and was advised to come to court.”

Giving his evidence Kabiru told the court:”My lord, Dayo and I were very much in love with each other at the outset of our marriage but she suddenly changed and started misbehaving.

“She started keeping bad companies and flouted my orders in the home. Dayo became the chairperson of gossips in the neighbourhood. I got fed up with her and moved out.

“My lord, she called and asked for my forgiveness when she took ill and pleaded that I returned home to take care of her and I did.

“I nursed her back to health and gave her N50, 000 twice to establish business but these crumbled.

“My lord, one major problem I have with Dayo is that she’s fetish.

“She dug a hole in our corridor and buried some black objects in it.

“I once went through my bag and discovered that some of my trousers and caps were missing. I asked her and she denied knowing their where about.  Dayo later lied that she threw them away because they were looking tattered.

“My lord, Dayo bath standing on a cutlass which was the height of it.

“I’m also no more interested in our marriage. I agree to divorce,” he concluded.


Nigerian Tribune

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