I hope to keep up with my gospel music tempo —Adenuga

Gospel musician, Gbenga Adenuga, has become a force to be reckoned with through his brand of music and creativity. In this interview by SEYI SOKOYA, he speaks on his recent endeavours and issues affecting gospel music in Nigeria. Excerpts: 


You have kept a low profile lately, why?

In the last few years, I have been involved more with my business and family. It has been a season of sojourn and trying out several ideas. I have been quite busy with work. I have done music at a low level, although I have tried doing music differently too.  Of course, the Day-One series has been ongoing in Nigeria for about two years and for about four years in the USA where it all started. I started Ethnocreative and GAPTV studios in 2019 and they are both doing well.


What is Worship Ways all about?

Worship Ways is a movement that influences mindsets. Yes, we come together to interact, sing and worship. As we do that we come in touch with grace and our lives are changed. The focus of Worship Ways has always been to expose us to grace in God’s presence to light up our path. We have testimonies from the many years of doing worship ways in Ibadan. Worship Ways opens your inner eyes. Greatness is demystified.


What should gospel music fans look forward to at the concert?

Everyone should look forward to a great time that will be life-transforming. It’s a mix of fun and depth. Music will be great of course and the ambiance will be beautiful. More so, change is inevitable. You know, worship ways is a meeting point of heaven and earth. Worship ways is a blessing. It is a place where God decides to come and mend our lives and situation. So everyone should look forward to a big session. The maiden edition holds on Sunday, October 2 at Terra Kulture between 5 pm and 7 pm.


Do you think a free concert is sustainable? What plans do you have to generate finances for its continuity?

Well, I am taking a dive into this idea of free concerts again. In the past years sustainability was a big challenge because the sessions are quite expensive to run. Also, I did not like talking to people about money but I am more mature now, so I will ask friends and fans to support. Also, we will be talking to brands, the last time we did in Lagos, we had MTN sponsoring. We look forward to corporate collaborations as we will endeavour to do this as excellently as we can.


For years, you have been an energetic, lively musician. Is there a likelihood you will cool down a bit in the years to come?

Cool down? Wow! I love energy. My sound has an energetic feel to it. I am not going to cool down. I don’t pray to cool down; I will not have to cool down.


When is the next album coming from you? 

I cannot say for now. The reason is that there are many musical expressions playing in my head. I am yet to decide on a particular theme, so doing an album is a very difficult decision now.


What’s your input on the debate on whether gospel musicians should charge or not?

Well, I think that everyone will have to deal with this as a personal thing. I also don’t think there is a debate on that. For me and for a lot of people, I know it depends on many things really- relationship, the platform, nature of the gig and a few other interests. Sometimes, I charge sometimes I do not. In recent times, I have been doing free gigs. But really, I think whenever a professional is being asked to provide a service, at least the cost of engagement should be covered and a gift should be put on top of it.





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