I don’t think I can do anything outside fashion —Iseoluwa Adeshina

Adeshina Iseoluwa Damilola, a graduate of Mass Communication from Esep Le Berger University, Cotonou, Benin Republic, shares her life experience, her love for fashion and advice for young minds.


You are a fashionista by passion and a communicator by career, how do you balance both?

Thankfully my fashion business (tailoring and designing) and my field of study which is mass communication can work hand in hand; combining these two together will birth entertainment. Showcasing my passion through the means of communication gadgets is one of my big dreams which will come true very soon. I’m glad I chose this field and I’m also glad this passion chose me.

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 As a fashionista, fashion world then and now, what has changed?

A whole lot has changed over the years and is still changing day by day. The truth is we can’t do without change in this world. New ideas give birth to new designs and new designs give birth to new fashion sense.

Though  we sometimes  abuse fashion all in the name of being  in vogue, one can still stay classy and elegant and  at the same time make fashion statement. One doesn’t necessarily have to be half-naked to be a fashionista or fashion goddess.


 You are known with simple and hilarious personality; what motivated the fashion spirit? 

My lifestyle is simple and if you know me you will know how hilarious I can truly be. I think the combination of these attributes in me gingered my fashion sense. Before I learnt tailoring, I always had issues with my tailors till I met my boss. So I decided to learn from her because she’s really good and I have always had passion for sewing which helped me catch up quickly.  I learnt for eight Saturdays.


 What has been your achievement and challenges so far?

Achievement! Let me say I am where I am today with the help of God. Still looking forward for more to come. And the greatest challenge that  I don’t think I can ever get used to is losing my mother. I still think she will come back one day.


 There are two words for people in the fashion business — tailor and fashionista — is there any difference?

A tailor is a person who makes, repairs, or alter clothes professionally (dictionary definition) while a fashionista is a person who follows trend of fashion, i.e someone with high sense of fashion and is always up to date in the fashion world.


What keeps you moving in the fashion world?

Competition and the dynamic nature of fashion.


Between your profession and passion, which one will you not trade for the other and why?

I want to work with both, I won’t leave one for the other. I love the two dearly.


Your advice to the up and coming fashionistas and communicators?

My advice to the up and coming fashionistas and communicators  is that no matter what,  be the best you can be, never you settle for less; once you sense you can do something then you can surely do it, keep working towards your goals, keep praying and the sky will be your starting point.


 If not fashion, what else could you have gone for?

I don’t think I can do anything outside the fashion world. I would have become a make-up artist or hair stylist, that’s still in the fashion world, right?