I didn’t sleep because of Appeal Court judgment ― Bauchi gov

In an emotional reaction to the Friday Appeal Court Judgement that upheld his election as the duly elected Governor of Bauchi State, Sen. Bala Mohammed has described the outcome of the case as a very big relief for him because according to him, “I had sleepless nights because I was apprehensive of what the Appeal Court verdict will be”.

An excited Governor Bala Mohammed who stated this while speaking to Journalists in Bauchi on Friday shortly after the Appeal Court upheld his victory said that: “Honestly, I thank God but I did not sleep last night, that is the naked truth because I didn’t know where and how the verdict will be. I was just by my bed praying that may Allah give me victory because when I was to retire to bed, I remembered that there would be so many people in thousands that will not sleep last night”.

He added that, “Therefore, I felt I needed to reciprocate what the people of Bauchi and my supporters are doing, so I spent the night supplicating and in the morning (Friday), I slept briefly only to get the news that we have succeeded and I prostrated to God in worship, I then became calm because I was extremely glad”.

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“At least, I can now settle down because I have overcome about five hurdles and I don’t think it was because of my strength but it was the bounty of Allah who gave me victory. I must tell you, that I was very emotional and I expressed my gratitude to Allah when I heard the news”, the Governor added.

Bala Mohammed also said that the Appellate Court, without equivocation, agreed with and endorsed the verdict of the Governorship Elections Petition Tribunal stressing that his victory was a testimony of the majesty of the judicial process where the court raised the Bar of Honour, distinction and confidence as the last hope of the common man.

“This victory is not about Bala Mohammed alone, it is a victory from God to the entire citizens of Bauchi State who groaned under the stress of 7 months ordeal as they watched us in and out of several courts”, he said.

Bala Mohammed added that “For our administration, therefore, this verdict provides a moment to celebrate, but most importantly, a time to reflect. By revalidating our hard-earned and sacred mandate, we are challenged to spread our tentacles of leadership that will unite the citizens of Bauchi state,  irrespective of tribe, gender, creed or political affiliation”.

“Consequently, I humbly appeal to all politicians, especially professional political gladiators to sheath their swords. Let us spare a thought for the less privileged, the socially vulnerable, the poor and the weak who groan under the yoke of poverty by the day,” he stated.

The Governor who said that no one needed a reminder that Bauchi State is the poorest state in Nigeria with emotionally unsettling statistics on charts of the social index, stated that his attention will now turn towards reversing the worrisome trend for the development of the state.

He concluded by thanking all members of his family and other close associates “who were subjected to an undue vicious campaign of calumny.”

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