I come from a family of singers —Homebased

Emmanuel Anjorin, better known as Homebased, is a UK-based Nigerian singer with major hits such as ‘Lojosi’, ‘Leave You Now’, to his credit. He speaks with FEMI OGUNTAYO about his past, present and the future.


Based on your antecedents, people want to know who you are. Tell us briefly about you.

I am Homebased, from Nigeria, and as the name implies, I am indeed home-based, even though I reside abroad, my heart is always at home. I consider myself an everyday guy who does everyday things. I have always been around. I finished all my preliminary education from primary to university in Nigeria before I travelled abroad to further my education.


It is believed you are being over-hyped, what do you have to say about this?

I am not sure about being overhyped.  People are always entitled to their opinions. I have a music talent and I am absolutely convinced of my ability and capability. And all I want to do is, use my God’s given talent to deliver a message to the world.


With new talents springing up everywhere, are you not under pressure?

Pressure? What for? Absolutely not. The world population is around7.8 billion people. Too big for anyone to feel any pressure. I am totally focused on my own passion, craft and journey which is to fulfill my appointed destiny in everything I do. As the old adage goes, the sky is big enough for all birds to fly without impacting on each other. I solely operate in my own lane with great optimism.


What makes you think you have a better chance to break boundaries with your music?

It’s pretty simple. I believe in the message that I want to pass across. They are conscious messages and surely when the time is right for a particular message to break boundaries. Nothing can stop it.  It’s destined. All I can do is to maintain my work ethics, dedication, determination and consistency.


How were you convinced music was for you in the first place?

I was born into music and it has always been part of my life. My family is very musical and we are all singers, we are very deep rooted spiritually. My younger brother Nelsonjeez is also one to look out for. He is highly talented and I featured him in a couple of tracks on my ‘Spur Me On’ EP.


Have you totally abandoned your Information Technology career for music?

Not at all. I have worked very hard and achieved a lot from my IT career, having worked with a number of top organisations here in the UK over the past 10 years. I must say I have been privileged and so blessed beyond measure.  I will continue to do music alongside my career. Music for me is a hobby and something I really do enjoy, just for the sole reason that I’m able to express myself, create an art and most importantly share a message which will touch one or two people somewhere across the world.


Your track, ‘Lojosi’ is one most DJs are talking about now and obviously folks that attended your listening party.  What inspired the track?

Lojosi is a Yoruba word which means previously or before. This song has a deep message and drops on the 23rd October. I’m sure most people can relate to it.  There must be a point in everyone’s life when people doubt them or try to discourage them from chasing their dreams or perhaps saying you can’t do something or blatantly saying you won’t succeed at something you believe in. So the song touches on someone who has now gone far and beyond by ignoring all the naysayers and achieved success. Then in turn decided to remind them, it is kind-of a sarcastic “thank you”.  I think the message here is don’t ever listen to negative people and naysayers. Follow your dream and passion to the end. Naysayers will always find a way back once you have made it.


So how did you get the name, Homebased?

The name Homebased was given to me back then during my undergraduate days at Babcock University. I believe it was from football. As you know, local players playing for domestic clubs were referred to as home-based and the international players, foreign based. I think it was during a game someone yelled who is this home-based player acting like he is from Manchester United.  And behold the name stuck since then. It’s part of me now. In fact my Instagram is @Homebased_official. A lot of people don’t even know my real name till date.


What’s next for you?

My debut EP ‘Spur me on’ is all that’s on my mind right now. I can wait to share this with the world.  It comprises six tracks with an interlude featuring my four year old son – My fire. Also never forget, Lojosi, Leave you now, Interlude -Just Fine, and Let’s Dance. Most of the tracks are all slow to mid tempo. However, I decided to include a party banger bonus track titled: ‘Let’s dance’. I think the main key tracks for me are Lojosi, let’s dance, just fine and my fire. Actually never forget is also dope, in fact, all the tracks are a force to reckon with. Stay tuned! The EP will be dropping in the second week in December and will be on all music and social media platforms.



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