I caught my wife sitting on her lover’s lap; she slapped me twice —Man

•All he said is true, help me beg him —Woman

A businessman, Olalekan Akingbade, on Friday pleaded with a Badagry Customary Court in Lagos State to dissolve his marriage to his wife, Funmilayo Akingbade, alleging that he caught her sitting on the lap of another man.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Olalekan told the court that there was no more love in their marriage.

The plaintiff stated that he had become frustrated as a result of his wife’s extra-marital affairs which he said exposed him to public disgrace always.

“Sometime in 2009, I met Funmilayo in her sister’s shop and I proposed to her. I told her I don’t want any child from her because her ex-husband was alive.

“She had divorced her husband before I started dating her. She got pregnant for me when her ex-husband, with whom she had four children, died.

“I accepted my fate and rented an apartment for her in Agbara.

“After delivering a baby girl named Oluwatimilehin, she started dating another man.

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“One day, when I entered the house I rented for her, I caught her sitting on her boyfriend’s lap and I left immediately.

“Since then, she has started making life unbearable for me. I lost a contract worth over N120 million because she seized my phone.

“I went to the saloon for a hair cut and she came there and took my phones away. She refused to give them back to me despite knowing the implication.

“She collected N150, 000 from me and slapped me twice before releasing my phones.

“There was another day she broke a bottle of wine and threatened to stab me with it.

“My lord, I am fed up with her constant public molestations and threat to life. I no longer love her. Please separate us and let us go our separate ways,” Olalekan pleaded.

Funmilayo broke down and wept in the courtroom, begging the judge to help her persuade Olalekan not to divorce her.  She told the court she had nowhere to go.

“My lord, all what my husband said is true but I have learnt my lesson now.

“I promise to be a good wife to him. I have nowhere to go. Since I lost my first husband, Olalekan has been responsible for the upkeep of my four children from my late husband.

“I have now learnt my lesson. My lord, if he divorces me I’m finished,” the business woman pleaded.

The court president, Mr Sakirudeen Adekola, adjourned the case till July 30.