I caught my wife having sex with my tenant —Man

•He lied in order to get rid of me —Wife

The Idi-Ape Grade C Customary Court, Ibadan North East, Oyo State have dissolved the 40-year-old marriage between Aruna Aniwo and his wife, Serifat Aruna.

The court president, Mr Moses Oyekanmi, who observed that there was no more love in their relationship, stated that it was necessary that their marriage be dissolved.

Aruna, who dragged his wife to court, accused her of being wayward and having sexual intercourse with their tenant. He added that he caught both of them in the act, but that his wife did not desist from visiting the tenant even after he was sent out of their house.

“She is my second wife. I married her through her father and she started misbehaving 5 years ago. I stopped allowing her to cook for me when I noticed she was wayward.

“She had sexual intercourse with my tenant. I caught both of them in the act but I learnt she still visits the man in his new apartment after I sent him out of my house.

“Our children know about her sexual escapades. I gave her N2,000 during the last Ramadan fast but she returned it to me through her grandchild.

The plaintiff, therefore, prayed the court to dissolve their union.

The defendant pleaded with the court not to dissolve their union because of their children.

She told she court that the plaintiff changed towards her after her father’s death, and added that he lied in his evidence against her.

Serifat denied being a flirt, while she stated she perpetuated none of the offenses the plaintiff laid against her.

“My lord, my husband changed towards me after my father’s death. My father gave me to him in marriage, but he started making life difficult for me immediately after his demise.

“He neglected me and our children. He lied in his evidence against me that I am a flirt. I did no such thing.

“He rains curses on me every day. I ‘m fed up with his behaviour, “she concluded.

Having heard both parties, the court president, Moses Oyekanmi dissolved their union and ordered both parties to maintain peace.