I can’t marry an actor because we won’t be fair to our kids — Peju Wahab

Olapeju Wahab, a Nollywood actress and an undergraduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State, in this interview with TAYO GESINDE, speaks on her childhood years, her foray into acting and fashion preferences.

Growing up

I am the fourth born of my family and the last girl. My growing up was kind of tangled, I didn’t get to stay with my biological parents for long, so it was a bit challenging for me. I am an orphan, my mum was terribly sick and died in 1997, while my father died in an accident in 2003. I lived with my aunt in Abuja, but she was very strict and wicked. After a while, I left Abuja for Lagos where I lived with my eldest sister till date.


Foray into acting

I have always had a flair for acting right from my secondary school days. I joined Femi Adebayo’s J-15 School of Performing Arts in 2011. J-15 actually gave me the platform to showcase my talent and it unveiled me to the audience.


Challenges faced

I wouldn’t say there were challenges for me and that was because my boss had been very wonderful to me. He has always been supportive and he always encourages me not to lose focus. I have featured in movies like Ile-Alayo, Adigunrelu Oyinbo, Shadow, Idunnu, Ojurito, Ijawa, Campus Life and The Relationships. I produced my own movie entitled Omorire last year.


My first experience on set

I was taught in J-15 School that whenever I was on set, I should always ignore the camera but I noticed that I wasn’t confident enough at first but later I got used to it.


Coping with competition in the industry

Competition? I am not competing with anyone, I run my race and they run theirs. I believe in the saying “que sera sera.” What will be will be.


Role models

I have always liked Keke Palmer.  She is young, beautiful and talented.


Most embarrassing thing a fan has ever done to me

That would be when a guy sent me a message on Facebook. “What is your problem? I sent a message to your inbox, you didn’t reply, don’t you know how to reply message?  That was very funny!


On the allegation of sex for role

That is a fat lie! You don’t need to date any producer or marketer to get a role. Most times, I go for auditions in order to get roles. I am not saying sexual harassment doesn’t exist in the industry but it is different strokes for different folks. It is normal for a producer or marketer to ask a lady out but it depends on how you go about it.


Philosophy of life

Whatever you do, give it your best!


Description of self

I am an easy going and cool headed lady.


How I handle advances from male fans

I treat my admirers with respect. I understand they are important for growth of my career. So I try to be nice to them.


Marital status

I am single.


Qualities I want in a man

He must be God-fearing, responsible, hard working, and good looking. He does not have to be rich but must be ambitious. Once he is ambitious, he will be successful. Finally, he must be loving and caring as well.


Definition of style

Simplicity. I like keeping it simple. The event I am attending determines my mode of dressing.  I buy anything that suits me. I love accessories especially quality shoes, they don’t have to be expensive.


Beauty regimen

This is the part I love most; I so much cherish my skin. I drink plenty of water to hydrate my skin, I scrub at least twice a week to get rid of the dead skin and I use good body soap and body cream. Looking good is serious business.


Fashion obsession



Favourite designers



What I can’t be caught dead wearing

Bikini   because I can’t swim and I am always scared of going to the beach or pool.


Favourite perfume



My opinion on toning

Toning is not bad if you can maintain it. But I don’t support bleaching.


My regret

I don’t like the fact that I spent eight years at home before gaining admission. I didn’t want to go to polytechnic, I kept on writing UTME every year.  But, it is all for good. Better late than never!


My opinion on cosmetic surgery

Many people go for lip enhancement, breast enlargement, nose lifting, making it more pointed, and removal of excess fat in the body just to look more attractive. So, if one would like to have a cosmetic surgery, one should look for those framed certificates and professionals.


My take on provocative dressing

It makes one look sexy. People who dress provocatively are artificially trying to draw attention. However, some people naturally like dressing provocatively because it is their way of life. But the truth is there are some places that require provocative dressing, example of such a place is the club.


Special treat

I will stay at home and pamper myself. Surfing the internet, dancing and hanging out with friends at my leisure time.


My greatest physical asset

My skin. I over pamper it and I cherish it so much.


Assessment of Nollywood

I think Nollywood has come to stay. But at the same time it needs to be sanitised. Because there are some amateurs in the system especially in the aspect of subtitling and that is why they make a lot of errors while subtitling movies.


How I intend to step up my game so I can get an endorsement

By giving it my best. Even if I am given a ‘waka pass’ role in a film, I always try as much as possible to showcase the best part of me. Because for me acting is an inborn thing and like my boss used to tell me “acting is real.”


On marriage

I will tie the knot when God chooses. Can I marry an actor? Capital no! And that is because we both won’t have time for the kids and that won’t be fair. Acting is something I have passion for, so any man I am getting married to should be able to support and respect my profession.


Advice for young girls who want to join the movie industry

Opportunities are always out there waiting to be plucked, they should have strong self esteem and believe in their dreams. They should not join acting just because they want to become a star, only God makes one a star.


Word to your fans

They are the reason I am here today. I love and appreciate them all.


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