I buy meat, ingredients, but my wife still refuses to cook; fixes dates with her lovers in my presence —Husband

•He’s a nuisance, tunes the radio high after returning home late; accuses me of dating a co-landlord —Wife

Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has adjourned for further hearing the divorce suit brought before it by a man, Monsuru Ekemade against his wife, Simiat Ekemade.

Monsuru had approached the court seeking that it put an end to their seven-year-old relationship on the accounts of irresponsibility, troublesomeness and infidelity by his wife.

The plaintiff also appealed to the court to restrain her from coming to fight him at his residence or work place.

Simiat did not assent to divorce. According to her, in her family, no woman divorces her husband or moves back to her parents’ home after she’s married.

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“My wife will terminate my life sooner than I think if I don’t end our relationship now, “Monsuru told the court.

“She’s troublesome and never tired of fighting me. She picks a quarrel over trivial issues and this will always end in a brawl. We fight almost every day.

“She has totally abandoned her duty in the home. I’m the one who does the shopping for the home. I branch at the market on my way home after working hours or go at weekends to purchase foodstuff and ingredients like meat, pepper, salt and the like for soup.

“My lord, on occasions I didn’t get the complete ingredients for soup as a result of paucity of fund or non availability of the specified item to buy, she would leave the ingredients lying there in the kitchen to rot.

“Aside this, she would leave the whole house dirty and turned upside down. Our kitchen daily stinks as a result of dirty dishes and pots which are displayed there, “he said.

The plaintiff added that:”Sikirat is a slot. She has no regard for me as she insults me by receiving her lovers’ calls in my presence.

“I once heard her fixing a date with her lover and challenged her. She lied that she was discussing with a relative not known to me.

“Her mother came few weeks later and I sought to know from her the identity of the man. My wife got angry and fought me in her mother’s presence.  Her mother confessed that no such person existed as their family member.  She begged me and promised to counsel my wife.

“My lord, I no longer derive joy in my marriage with Simiat. She has given me enough headache and unrest. I, therefore, pray that you separate us,   “he concluded.

“My lord, I refuse to accept to claim. My husband and I are stuck together forever, “Simiat told the court.

“No woman in my family after being married, divorces her husband and returns to our parents’ home.

“My husband and I fight on a regular basis because he has turned himself into a nuisance in the home and also before our neighbours.

“Monsuru is in the habit of returning home late. He comes home around 11:00 p.m. when others are already in bed, snoring.

“My lord, rather than come in quietly, he will put on the radio and tune it to the highest thus disturbing me and waking our neighbours from their sleep.

“Our neighbours are fed up with his silly act while I sometimes leave our home though late and find somewhere else to sleep.

“He’s jealous and keeps accusing me of infidelity. Any time I leave home in the night when he is misbehaving, he believes I’ve gone to sleep with a co- landlord on the same street with us. He has constantly accused me of having extra marital affair with this man.

“My lord, I’m staying glued to him despite his short comings, “she stated.

Having heard both parties, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje stated that more evidence would be needed.

Ruling, he adjourned the case till August 29 and ordered the couple to come with their children and parents.