I believe in signs and wonders, they exist —Akinade

Evangelist Tunji Akinade is one of the presiding clerics of the New Life Gospel Church, Ibadan, Oyo State. In this interview with SEYI SOKOYA, he speaks on how God has used him for healing people.


Can you tell us how your journey in the vineyard started?

Before I started in the vineyard, I went to a prayer mountain around 1988 in the forest; that was where I sought God’s help for power. That was the first time during my 21-day marathon fast that Jesus appeared to me face-to-face and He gave me the mandate/mantle to give people prayer oil and water for healing from every disease. That was when I started and people have been receiving miracles through it.


What has been the experience since you received the call?

There had been revelations that I will work for God, but it was in 1988 that I intentionally went to the mountain for prayer and fasting. There were lots of trials and tribulations, and it was at that time that God told me to start His work. That was when we had a lot of wondrous revivals because a lot of people got their miracles. It was around that time that I was organising revivals here and there. God started the signs and wonders since then. People who were sick came;those in bondages received their healing. So, the experience of working for God from then to now has been interesting.


Some people say there is no instant miracle anymore, do you also succumb to that?

There are instant and glaring miracles, but what is more common these days is healing. Signs and wonders can happen during prayers. Sometimes, one can attend two or three-day revivals and will be healed. It is a lie that signs and wonders don’t exist. The main issue is that most pastors are lazy; many of them can’t go on marathon fast. That is why it looks like there are miracles. If you can dedicate yourself, fast and ask for power, Jesus will grant it. There are miracles all around us, it depends on one’s exposure and where one has gotten to. These days, it is mostly healing miracles. When I go for revivals, I don’t usually ask people to fast, I use the power that God has deposited in me for every single person at the revival and they come back to testify to the power of God.


What can you say about the wonderful oil you claim can cure many diseases?

It is multi-purpose because I sanctify the oil for various purposes. I did that of those who are poisoned. That took me about six months to one year. After making the oil I will test its effectiveness. I did another set of oil sanctification for about six months for barrenness. When that one also worked through people’s testimonies, I will embark on another one. I sought the face of God to sanctify another set of anointing oil to cure every sickness. Whenever I am in the midst of sanctifying the oil, I see the hosts of heaven coming down to sanctify the oil themselves and I myself would be scared. So, when I am done, I usually test it. There are a lot of sicknesses that oil has cured, even COVID-19, diabetes and any notorious and deadly sickness. It will also turn the story of the poor around and heal lunacy. That is why it is multi-purpose and called the wonderful oil. The oil goes through the process of fervent prayers for months to a year to cure sicknesses. So, it is well-fortified against all sicknesses.


How did you come about this idea?

It is through God’s intervention. I recite the book of Psalms into it and call on Jesus to sanctify the oil against all the sicknesses for months. During this process I see the raw power of God sanctifying the oil.

It is imported pure oil which I purchase from the market, but it becomes wonderful oil after God’s impartation on it. I make sure it is good because I must not give people what is bad. The main issue I have presently is that things are very expensive now due to the poor economy, but we will not relent in doing the will of God.


What is your advice for people who don’t believe in miracles?

What I have noticed is that if a person doesn’t experience a counterfeited product, he/she cannot get the authentic. It is not everybody that is fake, but if you encounter the real ones, you will know that you have got the authentic. I give glory to God the testimonies are numerous.


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