How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts in 2020

Irrespective of where an individual stays, works, goes to regularly, there’s an impression and reputation you want to maintain at these different places. Your colleagues see the other image and your friends see another and so having just one online profile is quite cumbersome.

However, social media is a platform that expects one to choose one hat and stick to it. The social network is growing daily, but the issue of profile limitation is there—this factor cuts across different spheres of life, including entrepreneurs and marketers.

Social networking includes likes, tweets, sharing, reposts, which are fundamental to the growth of a brand, thus the use of multiple profiles. The basic requirements necessary for various accounts is different phone numbers and email addresses, but there are limits to this particular strategy.

Facebook Doesn’t Allow Multiple Accounts? Why? 

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that started as a community growing medium for students, and thus the main requirement for identification was their email address. Though, that isn’t the only means of identification used now, the primary vision of Facebook has remained the same. This implies that after the countless updates and modifications that the platform has gone through, it has kept the policy of one account per user.

Multiple accounts is a significant violation of the Facebook Community Standards. A real individual is meant to have just one personal profile on any social network which is not for commercial use. If for instance, one of your accounts is reported, or it signals a red flag, Facebook might lock you out of the profile and ask for a proof of identity.

Therefore, if the means of identification is declared ‘inauthentic’, the administrators can close the account indefinitely, which most times means permanently.

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

Having multiple personal accounts with a good number of followers and trust gives room for countless opportunities for organic content seeding and marketing. You can pass the same message from different angles, and you can communicate additional messages in a variety of perspectives.

You also get to engage your target audience in an open conversation and turn, advertise your brand indirectly. This form of tactic is what different foreign governments have used to change the narrative of events and issues, as well as shift public opinion on several topics. As a result of this, Facebook has further boosted their oversight coordinated user activity to ensure they don’t become a tool for political influence.

Creating Multiple Accounts on Facebook and Changing Fingerprint

The most important thing to note is that all Facebook accounts have to be verified from an email or phone number for them to be ready for use. So, creating multiple accounts is simple; you either buy a pre-created version from a bulk register or register all the arrangements for yourself. If you wonder where to buy Facebook accounts, well, there are different sites that can help you with that.

Choosing the first method means you have to ensure the names and phone numbers are different, and the IP location is to correspond with the region in a particular profile. Make sure to make the profiles as genuine as possible by adding friends and photos of active profiles. If you’re registering yourself, make sure to confirm the email and phone number that is linked to the face, add photos and set necessary information in the profile that doesn’t necessarily correspond with other accounts.

Your digital Fingerprints is one way that your numerous accounts can be discovered by Facebook as long as you visit the accounts regularly. These fingerprints are registered every time you’re active online, and they can trace through the following: IP address, JavaScript information, Java Applet, HTML5 Canvas, Content Filters, Geolocation API and several others. Do not be dismayed as several tools help keep your privacy and prevent your exposure by stopping digital fingerprint spoofing.



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