How to clamber out of the pit of stagnation in 2020

No hardworking and committed person likes to experience stagnation. Even unserious people do not desire to be stagnated. In the midst of the earth, everyone loves to experience progress from time to time. When a baby is born, his parents will expect him to progress in life. They will expect him to crawl when he is supposed to crawl. They will expect him to walk when he or she is expected to walk. Sorrow will take over the family when the baby who is supposed to crawl refuses to do so.

And when he grows up, there is a higher level of progress that everyone who is connected to him will be expecting. And it will get to a time that his generation will be expecting him to have a voice and become a voice. When this does not happen, he who is supposed to be a blessing becomes a burden and eventually a source of concern.

For the umpteenth time, life becomes a burden when a noticeable and appreciable progress is not being made. In this part of the world, there are too far many people—who are wrestling with the giant of stagnation. A few years ago, I met with a man who lamented to me about his life. I was touched when he said, “Is this how I will continue to live my life?” Many people are asking the same question, cross the length and breadth of Nigeria and on this continent. In this article, I am going to put a principle in your hand that I am dead sure will cause you to clamber out of the hole of stagnation, bursting into an upward journey—toward a great destiny that is set before you.

To bid stagnation goodbye in 2020, you will need to lift of your eyes and see beyond where you are. If you cannot see beyond where you are, you are definitely not going to go beyond where you are. This is a proven-principle. Each time I go to Ajegunle to teach, this is one of the major principles I teach them and it has birthed a tremendous transformation in that jungle. Nothing and no one can tie down a man, who can see beyond where he is. Being able to see far into the future that is many decades ahead infuses tremendous power to keep moving, no matter how tough the quagmire you have found yourself.

You can become anything you are able to see. And one of the beautiful and striking things about life is that you cannot become it, on the condition that you cannot first see it. If you can clearly see it, what you will need to do to become it will become clear as water to you. This is what makes it impossible for true visionaries to be lazy. In fact, you cannot be visionary and sleep like blind people sleep. When you can see, sleep becomes secondary.

To truly be set free from stagnation in 2020, you will need to have a vision that is clear that you can daily run with. For close to three decades, I have been running with a singular vision. This has succeeded in making every other thing to become secondary to me. And what I see changes me on a daily basis! Remember, nothing reinvents a man more than a vision that is clear.

“Bartimaeus” sat at same place for many years—begging for money because he was merely existing without a vision, but on the day he became visionary, he clambered out of the pit of stagnation and began to make progress in every area of his life. Where people left him, when they returned there, they could no longer find him there! This is what is going to happen to you when you become visionary. Where people left you many years ago, when they return there, they would not be able to find you there.

When you become visionary, the way you relate to people changes. When you are without a vision, you helplessly depend on people for everything, but when you become visionary, you enter into the realm of partnership. Visionaries partner with relevant people. You need them and they need you. What they lack, you have and what you lack, they have!

When you become visionary, you will move from the realm of begging to the realm of giving. Blind people do not give, they only beg. And begging is one of the symptoms of stagnation. Only those who make progress in life do end up becoming prosperous. As you apply what I am teaching you right now, you are going to leave where you are for the next level of your journey on earth. Where people left you last year, they are not going to find you this year.

Lastly, many people are stagnated, because they do not know what they really need. They do not know that what they need must not contradict what they are seeing. Many are erroneously looking for what everyone is looking for. They go to where everyone goes to. They read what everyone is reading. They listen to what everyone listens to. To make progress in life, you must know what you need and go all out for it. When you know what you need, it will make clear to you what you do not need. There are things I cannot waste my time looking for, because I do not need them. This helps me to stay focused. This helps me not to chase shadows like others. This helps me not to dissipate my energy, looking for what is not lost. To make an enviable progress this year, 2020, and beyond, you will need to raise your eyes from where you are right now and see very far, because you cannot go farther than how far you can see. Also, define what you need. Remember, it must not go against what you are seeing. Till I come your way again next week Monday, see you where great leaders are found!

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