How to buy and sell on Sellatease online marketplace

In Nigeria, so many businesses shut down due to low sales and this is brought about by poor advertising strategies. The main problem why most people fail to do proper advertising is due to a very low advertising budget and with this, you can’t reach the potential buyer. Sellatease was introduced to cater for all your advertising needs for free. The platform is a growing online marketplace in Nigeria.

The good news about this platform is the fact that is 100% free and the process of advertising on this website is also one of the simplest in Nigeria.

Sellatease blog was also designed to give you the latest reviews, car prices in Nigeria, latest car news, business news, and other rich articles that are carefully selected to enlighten you on things happening in your surroundings.

  How can I advertise on

  1. Log on to
  2. Create an account
  3. Click on publish ads at the top right
  4. Fill in your ad details and click publish
  5. Your ad will go live instantly.

What type of ads can I place on Sellatease?

You can publish ads on cars for sale in Nigeria, real estate, heavy-duty machines, heavy-duty vehicles, household appliances, etc. It’s a multi niche online marketplace.

What information is required when signing up?

You have to provide a valid email address, phone number, name, and password.

What’s the cost of advertising on Sellatease?

It’s 100 percent free for now. You can publish any ad, irrespective of the category for free.

  How many months will my ads be placed before deletion?

For now, your ads will be on our platform for 3 months.

 How can I buy from Sellatease?

Buying from Sellatease is very easy. You just have to visit the website, search for the item you want to buy, read the description to know if it has all the specifications you need, give the seller a call and schedule an inspection in a public place.

Boom you have just procured an item successfully from Sellatease.

 What other services does Sellatease offer?

Apart from the online marketplace, Sellatease offers a multi-niche blog that enlightens you on the prices of cars in Nigeria, safety driving tips, car reviews and pricing, mobile phone reviews, among other interesting articles on the website.

We are working on introducing another service but that will be announced later.

With this, I hope I have enlightened you about Sellatease online marketplace, if you have questions, head over to the website and contact us via email or our social media handles.


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