How Relume Foundation, Household of God Church took free healthcare, evangelism to Ikenne community

The people of Ikenne, Ogun State and its environs will continue to  remember the free healthcare services provided by a faith-based health organisation, Relume Charitable Foundation in conjunction with the mission department of the Household of God Church, Lagos State.

The two-day event, held on February 14 and 15, was quite a great one as all and sundry were given various kinds of healthcare services by the church and the NGO.

The Obafemi Awolowo Square, venue of the programme, became a hive of activities as the aged and young ones came out to be treated of various health challenges absolutely for free.

The event tagged: Health and Education Mission, featured blood pressure screening, vision screening, children vocation Bible study, diabetes screening, distribution of medication, education of food nutrition and distribution of foodstuffs. About 50 people had minor surgeries, while some were referred to hospitals for major surgeries.

Aside the free healthcare exercise, the programme also witnessed gospel mission where people’s spiritual lives were rekindled through messages, just as the team prayed along with people and also distributed Bibles.

The chairman of the foundation, Dr Sunday Adeosun, said that the motive behind the initiative was to put an end to people’s suffering from different kinds of ailment or diseases.

“This time, we are happy to do many surgeries. We gave out eye glasses to people, diagnosed people and gave them medications. People have benefited from this initiative over the years and the thing that has been igniting us to do more is by taking care of the health of the people. When we look around, we see a lot of people that need medical help and the only way we can help the society is by responding to their appeal for assistance.

“Despite the fact that we are out of Nigeria, we still see the need to come home and give back to the people irrespective of tribe or colour, because this is the community that raised us to be where we are today. This community has supported us in a way and now, we are out there, we make a little bit, then we are here to give back to the people and that’s the important thing to do and help the next generation,” he said.

Speaking at the event, the Head of Mission, Household of God Church, Mr Lolu Ogunmade, said it was a great development to have another effort at impacting lives positively and spreading the gospel in conjunction with Relume Foundation, adding that “it is about six years now that we have been a blessing to people, especially the underprivileged across the length and breadth of Nigeria with Relume Foundation.

“The church has to give back to the society. We must actually demonstrate the activities of Jesus, especially as regards showing love to people in practical terms. We are happy to save the people of Ikenne community from various kinds of health challenges. The outcome of this exercise depicts the need for basic health services in the country. So, we are committed to doing our own part to alleviate the sufferings of the people and we are happy for the cooperation of the Ikenne people. About 800 people within Ikenne and neigbouring communities participated in the two-day event. We are delighted to honour the invitation of the management of the Ikenne Development Association and we are confident that they will not regret our impact.”

President of the foundation, Professor Sheri Adeosun, while speaking on the programme, said the gesture was based on what the foundation stood for.

“We are always interested in coming to the rescue of communities and people that are suffering from health challenges. We are happy in putting smiles on people’s faces and making their health problems become a thing of the past. Our outreach is about touching lives and it is really encouraging to see people coming out,” she said.

A beneficiary, Mr Joseph Adedayo, appreciated Relume Foundation for organising the programme, saying: “I was operated of a disease which I have been suffering from for five years now. I have gone round for solutions, but when I heard about this free healthcare, I had to come to Ikenne. I appreciate the brains behind the initiative for their efforts in ensuring that people have access to basic healthcare services. May God bless them.”

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