How JDPC took sensitisation on COVID 19, child labour to Ibadan communities

In commemoration of the International Day of Happiness, the Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC), Ibadan, last week engaged in sensitization across some Ibadan communities, to teach people on the welfare of children and their rights.

The two-in-one programme was geared towards teaching people that children have rights that should not be truncated and also enlighten them on what constitutes offence in terms of child trafficking, child labour, the rights of children as well as how to care for them, especially in shielding them from getting infected with the COVID 19 virus currently ravaging the world.


According to the JDPC, the visit to the communities, which include Olomi, Muslim and environs, was to dialogue with the people on child rights and the expectations from adults.

“We are here today to talk to you about the children and what constitutes their rights and abuse. Once we leave here, we will also get to Olomi market and also Muslim market and environs to let people know that children have rights and that the rights should be protected. Everyone must carry out their roles and responsibility to protect the rights of children

“That is why we have not come to arrest today but to educate because anyone who violates the rights of the child again will be arrested and made to face the law. Children have a right to education; we should not maltreat them or trample on these rights,” a representative of JDPC said.

Also speaking, Olatayo Adebayo, from JPDC, said, “this is to sensitise the people on the issue of child trafficking, labour and violence and also to celebrate the International Day of Happiness because children deserve to be happy.

Coincidentally, the nation is going through something very serious now, so we are also sensitising the people on COVID 19 and ways of protecting themselves, especially children, from getting infected. This is a two-in-one programme,” she said.

The sensitisaton programme was one of JDPC’s efforts to ensure the rights of the child are maintained in Oyo State as well as part of concerted efforts to curb the high rate of child abuse, child labour and trafficking as well as enforce the rights of children by explaining to parents and guardians their roles and responsibilities towards children under the law.

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