Hope, joy, excitement as My Own Don Beta trains lands in Ketu

Last Monday, it was the turn of Mile 12 Market in Ketu, Lagos, to host Glo’s Re-Charge and Win Big promo. But the ceremony was more than a mere presentation of prizes to lucky winners; it was also a time of rekindling hope. SULAIMON OLANREWAJU reports.

The bubbly Mile 12 Market in Ketu, Lagos wore a new look last Monday when the train of Globacom’s My Own Don Beta promo landed at the market to dole out what some people referred to as ‘new year gifts’ to  some lucky subscribers who had emerged winners in the ongoing promo.

Globacom had launched the Re-charge and Win Big promo, popularly known as My Own Don Beta, in 2019 to reward loyalty and promote entrepreneurship. The promo is one of the ways through which Globacom, the national telecommunication operator, reaches out to its customers with a view to empowering them. Many Glo subscribers across the country have won prizes such as industrial sewing machines, grinding machines, electricity generating sets and Keke Napep which have enabled them to start their own small scale businesses.

Ahead of the gift presentation at Mile 12 Market, there had been a draw held to pick the lucky winners on Victoria Island, Lagos. The exercise, which was supervised by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) Zonal Director, Mrs. Joy Okuna, saw the emergence of 10 winners of Keke Napep, 20 winners of industrial sewing machines, 20 winners of grinding machines and 40 winners of power generating sets.

The prize presentation ceremony was attended by the Deputy Director/Coordinator, NLRC, Lagos, Mrs Nkiru Onuzulu; Iyaloja of Owode Market, Alhaja Falilat Adekoya; Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, Mile 12, Onaolapo Lawal; Chairman, Keke Riders Association, Mile 12, Kabiru Hassan, and representative of Chairman of Mile 12 Market, Kunle Gbolu.

In her speech at the ceremony, Mrs Onuzulu, who said her presence was a validation of the process, expressed satisfaction with the ceremony. “Having been present at the launch of the promo in October, I can confirm that Globacom has kept to the terms of the promo. We have attended every draw and presentation event and are satisfied with the transparency,” she stated.

The Lagos Coordinator of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission added, “The promo has the ability to create entrepreneurs because of the kind of prizes being given out. These are items that will enable the winners to set up their own businesses.”

Others dignitaries in attendance also attested to the transparency of the process and Globacom’s tradition of empowering people.

Their views were summed up by Alhaja Falilat Adekoya, Iya Oloja, Owode Market, who stated that “Glo Recharge and Win Big is a very good programme that is helping people to fight poverty. It is a massive war on wants. God will continue to support Glo. This kind of programme should be continued. I want to plead with Glo to make it an annual programme because it is helping a lot of people”.

The winners could not contain their joy as they were presented with their prizes.

A 76-year-old Reverend Mother, Omolara Esther Orairu, who won an industrial sewing machine, said “I am so happy. I was not convinced when I was first called because I was saying what was I owing Glo that they are calling me? But later I was asked to go to the nearest Glo office to verify. I will give the sewing machine to my grandchildren. Two of them are learning fashion designing. God will continue to bless Globacom.”

Another industrial sewing machine winner, Mrs Olusola Ogunsakin, said wining the prize was an indication that God had not forgotten her.

“I am a trader at Agege area of Lagos. I am 53 years old. This sewing machine is a sign that God has not forgotten me. To be picked out of millions of subscribers is a great favour. When I was informed that I had won, I danced in my room. I will pray every day for Glo. The company will continually go up and never, never come down. I am very, very happy. I will give the industrial sewing machine I won to my daughter who is a tailor,” she said.

Miss Folayemi Yahaya, a Keke Napep winner, said the prize had made a millionaire of her.

She declared, “I am the youngest millionaire. People should be calling me the newest millionaire in town now. This keke is worth close to a million naira.”

Determined to make the most of the opportunity handed her by Glo through the prize, she turned down an offer by the Chairman of Keke Riders Association to allow the association manage the tricycle for her and return N20,000 to her every week. She said she knew how to make more money managing the tricycle herself.

Mrs Hannah Onoiza Musa, who also won a Keke Napep, said the prize would transform her from a job seeker to a business person.

Her words, “I am an applicant. I have B.Sc in Zoology from the University of Maiduguri where I graduated from in 2010. I am 31 years old. I moved to Lagos from Lokoja last year when I got married. I feel very lucky and I give thanks to God for making this possible. I will use the Keke for business.”

Speaking about how winning a generating set would impact his life, 27-year-old Gaga Jerome Tersoo, said, “I have a National Diploma in Business Administration from the Benue State Polytechnic. I feel so excited. I feel cool. I will use the generator to support my business as I run a provision shop.”

Even a Police Inspector could not contain his joy at emerging winner of a generator at the promo.

According to Godiya Ahmadu, “I am a Police Officer. When I was called, I did not believe it because I did not play any raffle draw so I was afraid. I went to Glo office at Allen Avenue and it was confirmed that I won a generator. I said how come? God will bless Glo well, because if I am to buy this generator now by myself, where would I get the money? It’s only God who will reward Globacom.”

Mr. Ekemini Edet Moses, a Keke winner, said, “I drive Keke Marwa at Argungi. Now God has provided my own for me. My Own Don Beta o with Glo! I am 27 years old. I say a very big thank you to Glo. I pray God will continue to empower Glo to do more”.

Winning a generator was answer to Miss Omoyele Florence’s prayer.

She enthused, “I am 32 years old. I am very excited because I was planning to buy a generator before I was called that I had won a generator in the Glo promo. I was not expecting this. I will start using the generator today as we do not usually have electricity supply in our area.”

Mr. Femi Salami Jimoh, who won a sewing machine, had this to say, “I am 42 years old. I am an electrician. This is the first time I will be winning anything. I will give the sewing machine to my brother who is currently learning how to sew. I thank Glo, the company will continue to progress. I am a Muslim cleric and I will always pray for Glo.”

David Udemezue, a 300 level Bio Chemistry student of Babcock University who won a Keke Napep, said, “I initially felt it was a scam so I did not pick when they were calling me. Wow, this is so real! I thank Glo. I will use the Keke for business in my area at Ago Palace way, Lagos, and make some money to support myself in school.”

Adzun Godwin, a sewing machine winner, said, “I am a yam seller at Mile 12 market. I have been selling yam for over 10 years. As a matter of fact, when my father died, it was the fund I generated from yam selling that I used to send myself and my siblings to school. Today, I am a graduate of Mass Communication from the Benue State University and I am an applicant looking for job. I thank Glo for this empowerment gift.”

For Freeborn Orokota, a Keke Napep winner, the prize signified his freedom from poverty.

He said, “I am 52 years old. I am a vulcanizer here in Mile 12.  I will drive the Keke myself to make money. I thank Glo for removing me from poverty. With this Keke, I know for sure that my own don beta. God will continue to bless Glo, the company will never fold up! Amen!”

As the prize winners carted away their gifts, others subscribers watch in admiration and rekindled hope. As was observed by Kabiru Jamiu, who witnessed the prize presentation ceremony, “I congratulate the winners. What has happened today confirms to me that all hope is not lost. It is their turn today; it will be my turn tomorrow.”