Here’s finger-licking OTONG soup

THIS soup is peculiar to the Cross River people of Nigeria.

A delicious delicacy, this Nigerian draw soup is easy to prepare. Let’s go to the kitchen and prepare this delicious soup.



8 Medium pieces beef

10 pieces of smoked shrimps

1 medium size smoked cat fish

½ cup of water

1 medium bunch Ikong Ubong (Ugu)

1 tea spoon ground crayfish

4 red pepper

1 cooking spoon palm oil

Salt to taste

8 small pieces Ikpa[pomo]

Hand full of shredded stockfish

40 fingers okro[chopped and pounded]

1 crayfish seasoning tablet

Small bunch of etinkeni [uziza leaves]

Beef seasoning cube to taste

5 cups of water.


Wash and season the beef and ikpa with seasoning, pepper and salt.

Steam until water dries up.

Add 2 cups of water and cook till meat is almost soft.

Wash and add the smoked fish, shrimps and stockfish, boil for about eight minutes.

Add the remaining 2 cups of water, ground crayfish, crayfish seasoning, salt and bring to boil.

Pour in the okro and Uziza leaves and allow to bubble a bit. Keep stirring and folding up to increase the okro resilience.

Add the palm oil and ikong ubong (Ugu). Stir, still folding up to increase okro resilience.

Cook for five to seven minutes.

It is usually served by the people of the area with Ayan Ekpang.