Henna: Trending beauty dye for your skin

Henna is increasingly becoming a contemporary fashion for many people, especially for  women. It is often applied during weddings, religious festivals or just for mere fun and fashion.

It is often made from henna powder mixed with other ingredients, such as water or lemon. The paste is placed in a small piping bag and then applied on the skin. A thin toothpick can also be used to apply the dye on the skin, depending on the artist.

Most people confuse henna for tattoo. But, they are not the same thing. Tattoo lasts long on the skin, almost permanent and expensive, and is imprinted with needles. But henna is more traditional, can be easily washed away from the skin and is easy to apply on the body.

Henna beautifies the skin. It is very attractive and good to look at. The dye from henna leaves can be used to colour a lot of things. It can be used as hair dye, nail polish and colourings for certain fabrics.

People who engage in this fashion have their way of designing the henna. Some prefer it on their hands or feet, while some prefer it on their backs or stomachs. Others prefer it on sensitive parts of their bodies. It usually lasts up to two to three weeks, depending on the thickness of the skin and quality of the dye.