Heart-health benefits of Tiger Nuts

Tiger NutsTiger nuts, known as one of the world’s healthiest snacks are common and can be easily bought around us. It belongs to the family of kunun, soya milk, etc. Tiger nut, known as aya in Hausa, ofio in Yoruba and aki in Igbo is said to be one of the most powerful ancient food sources known to humanity.

As a child, it was one of my favourite nuts which I saved money to buy after the school hours. Until I became a grown-up, I did not realise that these nutritious nuts could be made into a drink when combined with other fruits and refrigerated for a few days. Why won’t you give your body a natural ‘gift’ of tiger nuts drink? A taste of tiger nuts drink will convince you that it is much better than soft drinks.

Tiger nuts are the biggest source of resistant starch, an elusive type of fiber that is for the bacteria in the digestive tract.

Tiger nuts are concentrated nuggets of nutrition and include a balance of protein, fats and carbs. Interestingly, the fat profile is very similar to olive oil, which has been heavily studied for its heart-health benefits, says nutritionists.


Tiger nuts




If you like ginger, you can add it to yours.

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Tiger NutsHow to prepare it:

  • Wash the tiger nuts to remove stones and other dirt off them (scrubbing and changing of the water is required)
  • Soak the tiger nuts overnight or for about three hours before.
  • Wash and soak the dates to soften it (you can buy soaked ones to save your time)
  • Remove the seeds of the date fruits
  • Break, carve out, wash and cut your coconut into small pieces
  • Add some pieces of cloves, depending on the quantity you want to grind.
  • Grind tiger nuts, dates and coconut together with little water.
  • Sieve the paste with a sieve with tiny holes
  • Chill and drink.


NOTE: In order to get a smooth paste after blending your ingredients, you need a high-powered blender or you go and grind it with a local mill. Also, note that you must not add too much water before sieving.


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