Health benefits of boiled plantain with egg and vegetables

Plantain and egg is a delicious meal you should try out. A lot of people eat yam and egg because they find it lovely, but plantain and egg is  also very delicious and brings an exciting variation. Aside the taste, it has a lot of health benefits.

Plantain  is high in fiber and Vitamin A which helps in battling sickness. It also helps with ulcers especially the ones caused by aspirin.  Plantain contains potassium and is good for the heart and other organs.

Other health benefits of plantain  are that it contains magnesium needed for regulation of blood pressure; it prevents osteoporosis and absorption of calcium. It also  helps to control migraine, insomnia and depression.

Eggs on the other hands are packed full of protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B2, B12 as well as folate and iodine.



Ripe plantain






Green peas




Vegetable oil.


Cut the plantain into desired size and peel.

Boil the plantain with required amount of salt until it is soft.


Preparation of your egg with vegetables

-Pour little oil into the frying pan, then turn on the heat

-Add  some chopped onions and let it sizzle

-Add chopped tomatoes and pepper, stir fry for some minutes

-Add the carrot and green peas

At this point, add the seasonings to taste.

Stir fry all ingredients until they are a bit soft, then add the already whisked egg, stir fry until it is done.

Your food is ready to serve.

Enjoy your meal!!