He accused me of infidelity, threatened to pour acid on me —Wife

•She denied me sex but had sex with her lover throughout the night —Husband

A 35-year-old housewife, Yetunde Patunola  has asked an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court in Ekiti State to dissolve her 12-year-old marriage to her husband, Ojo.

Yetunde is seeking the dissolution on grounds of constant beating, destruction of properties and threat to life. She added that he had failed to care for their children.

Yetunde told the court that her husband was fond of destroying her property.

She said that he beats her every time, telling her that a wife is not allowed to rise above the husband. She added that she lost her second pregnancy because of his beatings.

The petitioner stated that her husband accused her of infidelity hence the beating and other forms of maltreatment.

“My husband is fond of chasing me out every time telling me that he would pour acid on me.

“He once brought a woman to the house and told me to pack out for her, saying that I brought misfortune to him.

The petitioner prayed the court to terminate their marriage and grant her custody of their four children.

In his response, Ojo admitted to maltreating his wife over alleged infidelity but denied other allegations.

He said, “after the birth of our last child two years ago, she started misbehaving at home because of the kind of people she was moving with.

He said:”There was a time, I seized the phone a man bought for her and whenever I want to take her to her shop, she will always complain that she does not want to sit in my useless car.”

Ojo added that his wife does not allow him to touch her again in bed.

“It has been long since we had sexual intercourse as husband and wife.»

He said there was another day he caught her in front of a hotel where she had gone to meet with her lover.

“She was dropping from a bike while the man was driving into the hotel.”

He said she did not come home that day, adding that the following day, she came to pack her belongings including his property.

Ojo added that Yetunde later came to his house to stab him and he came to report her to the court.

The respondent supported the separation, saying he wants custody of his children, especially the first two children, while the last two should remain with the petitioner till they come of age.

The court president, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, after hearing from both parties adjourned the case till February 27.

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