Have a taste of scent leaf Egusi soup

SCENT leaf is a green vegetable used for preparing different kinds of soup, including egusi and pepper soups. It can be used to cook yam and other porridges, and can also be added into tea and other drinks because of its aromatic taste and smell.

In Yoruba, scent leaf is called effinrin; in Edo it is esan; in Igbo it is nuchawun; in Efik it is ntong; and in Hausa it is daidoya.

Some people like cooking soup with this leaf. One soup that is usually cooked with it is egusi soup. This soup is a delicacy and the scent leaf in it helps to solve indigestion problem. It also helps to fight cough and to stimulate milk production in nursing mothers.



Grounded egusi, stock fish, fresh/dry fish, meat, onions, salt, pepper, crayfish, palm oil, scent leaf, seasoning cubes, etc.

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scent leaf
scent leaf

Wash the meat and cut it into smaller sizes. Boil the meat, stock fish and fish with onion, salt and seasoning cubes. Heat the palm oil till it is hot. Briefly fry the remaining onion and add the boiled meat, stock fish and fish into the pot.

After two minutes, add the grounded egusi, pepper, crayfish and gently stir the content of the pot to avoid it from forming lumps. When the soup thickens, add the scent leaf and allow it to steam for three to five minutes.

The soup can be savoured with any swallow of your choice.