Gunmen rape 60-year-old in kids’ presence, loot homes in Ikorodu •Residents flee home

SUSPECTED militants reportedly returned to Igbo-Olomu community in Ikorodu, Wednesday night, raping the ladies and looting invaded homes.

The community, close to a stream from which the militants always emerge, had become the hunting ground for the invaders in recent weeks.

The Wednesday raid, according to Adebukola (surname withheld), who spoke to Lagos Metro, saw a 60-year-old woman being raped in the presence of her three kids.

The husband was said to be away from home.

Save-Our-Souls calls from the community to Lagos Metro on Thursday night highlighted a series of atrocities allegedly committed by the suspected Ijaw militants.

A couple of young ladies were also reportedly “touched” by the invaders, who were also accused of looting homes and inflicting injuries on their victims.

Adebukola told Lagos Metro that his family had fled to safety, after the horror of Wednesday night.

With a terror-filled voice, she begged Lagos Metro passionately to help call on government to save lives in the community.

It was also learnt that another old mother that resisted her daughter being raped had her hair shaven with the knife of the marauders.

Lagos Metro gathered that while security men had been keeping watch at the entrance of the community, the stream side, which is the main entry point for the gunmen, had remained unmanned.

“The police told us government didn’t ask them to go to the stream and it is from the stream the militants are coming into the community.

“Government should save us. The community isn’t well lit and even when they come, everybody at home will have to put off their light and pretend as if there is no one in the house.

“That was how my family members kept themselves safe all the night before they escaped today (Thursday). Landlords have abandoned their homes, to squat with people elsewhere” she said.

Another source alleged that the policemen only took position at Agric bus stop instead of taking the bull by the horn in the interior where the crime was being committed.

“They (the policemen) are behaving as if they were also scared of the gang. If they had entered the community, they would have restored peace. But everybody is afraid to move now because we don’t know where next those people would attack,” the source said.

Following the attacks, residents of Igbo-Olomu had deserted their homes.

It was learnt that the few residents left in the community live under fear and a self-imposed curfew, barring movement beyond 7.00 p.m.

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