Great marriage is a personal choice

GREAT marriage is never made in heaven. It is a matter of personal choice of the parties involved. Or stated in another way, each couple enjoying their marriage choose to make it so. It is a case of “as you lay your bed, so will you lay on it”. It is easy for one to admire couples having a great moment in their marriages. At times, some couples make derogatory remarks about themselves, comparing their marriages with other people’s. The truth, a lot goes into making a marriage work. That is why unrepentant believers in the marriage institution always refer to marriage as a serious business, requiring all efforts to work it out. So, making your marriage work is a personal choice.

Every aspect of marriage requires your personal commitment to work it out. Communication, sex, finance, parenting and others are things you must personally work at to have a great marriage. It is not just a one party affairs, but a couple’s affairs. If one party works, and the other party does not play his or her part, then the marriage is bound to break, rather than be great. Every couple must therefore join forces together to make the marriage great. So don’t just admire couples having great marriages, make up your mind to make yours also work. It is how to achieve greatness in marriage.

Every thing I have shared about enjoying great sex life in marriage can only work based on the personal choice of each couple. You must chose to work out the sex styles, foreplay, kissing, thrusting etc skills to achieve great sex life in your marriage. It is when you do so that you can joyfully experience sexual satisfaction. It requires personal effort of both husband and wife.

Likewise, in the area of communication, if a marriage will experience great communication, both husband and wife must make it a personal choice. One major area of conflict in marriage, which I have discovered is communication. Many marriages lack effective communication. Thus, marriages are either breaking, or struggling to survive. Couples must make it a matter of personal choice to have effective communication in marriage. It must be a resolve that must not be joked with.

These ingredients of a great marriage, among others have to be given adequate, personal attention. It is by so doing that the marriage can deliver the expected desires of the couples. The point I am making is that just like in every thing that human beings require success, the choice to be successful must be of utmost priority. It is the driving force that must not be stopped, and a fire that must not be quenched. So, each couple must ensure that they don’t just desire to succeed, but they desire it with the whole of their being. It is when this is the case that a great marriage can evolve. Great marriage is thus a personal choice each couple must make.


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