Gov Makinde, remember your promise on Orisunmibare/Ita Faaji Road

Our dear Governor Seyi Makinde, I know that you have been on your feet since your assumption of office on May 29, 2019, working assiduously to ensure the all-round facelift and development of Oyo State. I know that it has, indeed, been a yeoman’s job, seeking to live up to your campaign appellation, Omi Titun, in tandem with your promise to deliver dividends of democracy to the people of the state. May God bless you and renew your strength.

Your Excellency, however, the time has come to, once again, remind you of your promise to put smile on the face of the people of Orisunmibare/Ita Faaji and its environs in Omi-Apata Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Oyo State. Sir, you promised, during the campaigns for the last governorship election in the state, that you would expedite action on the construction and tarring of the Wire and Cable/Orisunmibare/Ita Faaji/Opopin Road, if you were elected the governor.

In the course of the campaigns, you were at the area and you assessed the road, declaring that it was not fit enough for the transportation of humans and material things.

Now that the rains are here, the people of the community are, once again, back in agonies and pains, engendered by the deplorable condition of the road. The people have been trying to make the road passable, deploying their hard-earned little money and sweat to make it motorable and passable, both for the people and commercial purposes. But with the rains now here, the maintenance of the road is beyond the capability of the people.

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Your Excellency, even as a private person, you are well known as a great philanthropist imbued with passion and love for the people and their welfare. Your big heart is legendary as the people, both from within Oyo State and beyond, as well as organisations, are always full of testimonies as regards your interventions in their lives, individually and corporately.

Sir, kindly extend the largeness of your heart and the goodness therein to us at Orisunmibare/Ita Faaji Community and let us have a taste of good governance. We need your kind and timely intervention by helping to fast-track the construction of the Orisunmibare/Ita Faaji Road. Please, bring succour to us and put laughter on the face of the people of the community in this regard.

We shall forever remain grateful to you and your good administration for this kind and timely intervention.

Yinka Ayodele

Ita Faaji, Apata, Ibadan.     



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