Golf like a poker is a game for diligent strategists

Why is the true nature of man revealed on the golf course

Golf is love of not a rich people only but also strong, because the rules of this game really help to reveal the character of a person. It is easy to check on the golf course how your potential companion will behave in a critical situation and whether he will be able to cope with emotions in case of crisis.

Golf – exceptional dialogue

In 2017 US President Donald Trump, who was visiting Japan, played golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Kasumigaseki Country Club in Saitama Prefecture. And then he declared that an “exceptional dialogue” had taken place between him and the head of the Japanese government. “On the golf course you can really relax and talk about true intentions,” he emphasized.

Why does golf bring people together so fast? A round of golf on an 18-hole course lasts 4-5 hours. If you want to or not, during this time you will know your opponent thoroughly. No meetings in restaurants give such an effect. At a business dinner, you will talk with a potential partner for a maximum of an hour and a half. During this time, you can learn about the partner’s culinary preferences, his manners, punctuality, but nothing more. In Australia, America or England, business partners are invited to dinner at home and introduced to their families, as if to say: “I brought you to my territory, which means I trust you.” A good option for building a trusting relationship, but dining at home is not always appropriate – there are too many distractions.


On the golf course people make cooperation, recommend employees to each other, help to find contractors, consultants, business trainers and even establish good relations with the authorities. Why is this happening?


Golf is not a game for the weak

For one golf round a player goes 18 holes (this is about 10 km), and even with a bag for clubs weighing 15-20 kg. People who can overcome physical fatigue come to this sport, those who are able to not lose concentration and attention for several hours in a row. In business, exactly the same people succeed. In addition, golf is a game in which a person judges himself. He may abide by the “play fair” rule, or may not abide, because on the field, where the players are at a distance of 100 – 150 m from each other, there is a temptation to perform some manipulations (for example, improve the location of the ball). But, having crossed the rule, the golfer is obliged to impose a fine on himself, even if no one noticed the violation. Yes, there is a marker, a person who keeps a player’s counting card and watches the game. But those who behaves dishonestly on the field can be seen immediately, without referees and markers. And no one considers their victory deserved. They do not quarrel with such people, after all, golf is a gentleman’s game, but they are unlikely to talk about something serious, for example, business.


Golf is an active game

Some people think that golf is a game for millionaires. Expensive and beautiful game. Yes, indeed: the cost of membership in some clubs reaches really great money. And this partly explains the fact that more and more women are trying to join the golf club recently. “Where else can you find a wealthy, reliable and enthusiastic man in a golf club?” They argue. And they believe that, having entered the golf club, they just need to sit somewhere on the sidelines and begin to observe the players, and then start a conversation with the golfer. It’s a delusion. In golf, as in business, it is important to communicate with each other. “Play as you can, but play” – the unshakable rule of those who come to this sport for the first time. Only after you enter the field they begin to evaluate you as a potential partner or potential wife. After all, in business you cannot take a passive position or rely entirely on the strength of a partner. A golfer, even a beginner, must constantly train and improve the result.


There is such a thing – a handicap. It indicates the level of preparation of the player. This is the difference between the number of strokes performed to pass a hole or field, and steam (standard). For example, if a field of 18 holes has par 72, then having passed it in 100 strokes, the level of the golfer will correspond to a handicap of +28, and for 68 strokes the player will receive a handicap of 4, which is equivalent to the level of a master of international sports. Do you want to make a serious deal on the field or get a serious golfer in your husbands? Strive for this level.


Golf is like a poker

For beginners, it seems enough to take aim, hit the ball, and the result is guaranteed. In fact, everything is not so simple. As in poker, patiently wait for the chances of winning to be high enough, and then act aggressively to pick up the pot.

In golf, it is important to see the goal and understand the trajectory of the ball. This is a conscious approach to the game. There is a saying in poker: look who you play against, not what you play with.

The second golf feature is the obvious rule: to score a ball, you need to constantly train. Yes, this requires a lot of willpower, but even in business, the best manager is the one who knows what steps should be taken to get the company out of crisis or stagnation. Creativity and a non-standard approach to solving problems do not help either in the game or in business – everything needs experience and knowledge. Like in poker. Keep what you win and analyze the game in the long run.

And the third – golfers love to tell what prevented their ideal blow: the sun, wind, conversations on the field. As if at the moment of the opponent’s blow another sun was shining or the wind was blowing from the other side:) There are very moody players. They prefer not only not to talk during preparation and strike, but not even to move. In golf, there is always the temptation to explain failure with external circumstances. Moreover, each golf club is not like the other. For example, we have a “floating hole” in which the ball enters, breaking not only the field but also the water area. Some players find it difficult to free themselves from negative emotions and tune in to win, but no one said that golf is easy. As in business…


Author: Serg Dum

Almost 3 years I am devoted to working as a Chief Content Editor at King Billy Casino

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