Gideon King makes impact with Mayvinci Technology

PRESIDENT of Mayvinci Holdings, Mayvinci Technology, USA, Gideon  King has continued to dazzle the world of detailing across the globe.

He said MAyvinci is expanding its latest range of products to a  select list of UK partners working alongside the elite group of professionals.

According to him, Mayvinci training program uses ground-breaking technology and selection to ensure the highest quality service and peace of mind.

Over a five-year period, his company carried out extensive research to develop a range of unprecedented products.  With commitment, teamwork and dedication, King as he’s fondly called, has helped the company to achieve its objective.

“My collaboration with my fellow paint specialists, retailers and our chemical engineers pushed the boundaries of technology to new heights,” says King in his interview.

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One of the highest performance products designed by King and his team was named Ayanmo.

Speaking on what led to the name, Ayanmo, King gave insight into the meaning of Ayanmo which is ‘destiny’.

He said destiny defined his calling to the world of product design and the detailing industry, adding that his vision of changing the game in the world of supercar protections “is like no other and cannot be compared.”

“Our products are global and used by the world best professionals.  The vetting process ensures great standards of  craftsmanship for a delivery of high caliber, before joining the  Mayvinci global elite team says King.

“Mayvinci’s success speaks for itself with specialists all over  Europe, Asia and Brazil. Our new endeavour for the UK, in which we  carried out a unique streamline process means only the best  companies are trusted to partner with Mayvinci.”

Due to the vast amount of interest in the UK, King said the company is expanding its latest range of products to a select list of UK partners working alongside an elite group of  professionals.

“Mayvinci training programme uses ground-breaking technology and  selection to ensure the highest quality service and peaceful  mind.”

He also hinted that he would be considering the Nigerian market  very soon, adding: “In the near future, we have planned an  exciting ‘Dream Builders’Africa tour starting from Nigeria.  Alongside myself, I will be flying in top level specialists to  showcase our initiative.”

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