Getting mental equilibrium, harnessing inner strength with Zigwai Fanda’s Master Your Uniqueness

THE need to identify purpose and find oneself has been a topic of discussion in many fora, and while the topic is fast becoming a cliché, some people have been able to approach it with a fresh perspective that allows people to look deep and reflect, not just because it is the topic of a discourse, but rather, because they understand clearly the need to find purpose in order to explore their potentials.

One of such fresh approaches is a book titled, Master Your Uniqueness written by Zigwai A. Fanda, a book that does not just hype religious instructions and comfortable motivational phrases, but opens up the basics of life to help readers gain life lessons that will help them to deeply reflect on issues in a way to get mental and emotional equilibrium with divine and biblical encouragement.

Zigwai makes available to readers timeless lessons on life to help them enrich their existence and attain divine purpose while engaging on a journey of self-discovery without the usual ceremony hyped by many motivational speakers, but with far more seeming success as it motivates people to understand that people are different and each individual has a special talent and is unique in his own way.

Master Your Uniqueness is a book filled with nuggets to help people live full and abundant lives filled with divine riches in line with God’s plan for man to dominate the earth. It teaches of the need and the manner in which one can focus on God’s plan in the midst of crisis and life’s storms, focusing on inner strength and power.

For readers, the book maps a chart to reflect on the purpose of existence, helping to understand one’s peculiar potential, work on them and constantly evolve to improve the core essence of one’s life to improve the lives of others.

The book, Master Your Uniqueness, is a powerful tool that aims to help readers harness divine potential and strengths to bring about greatness through the right mindset and beliefs as well as facilitating a deeper understanding of God’s plan and purposes for individual lives.

Using simple and easy-to-understand language, Zigwai is not telling people that life will not give them lemons instead of orange, rather, Master Your Uniqueness teaches to make different types of lemonades in an edifying manner using God’s master plan. It is not just mere motivation to walk on individual paths following God’s course, it is also a basic guide to support readers to attain greatness with God as the pillar and the experiences of life as a motivation.

This is not the normal run-off-the mill guide book, but one that allows people take a pause in life’s fast lane and consider if they are on course or running another man’s race, and retrace their steps, if need be, by giving in clear, simple and concise manner, the steps one can take to achieve purpose on earth.

Zigwai Fanda, indeed, proves that she is not just writing to be an author, but to impact lives and encourage people. And she goes about her vision in a creative way that makes the book an easy to read and understand manual filled with foolproof steps to help the reader discover his abilities, talents and inner strength.

Master Your Uniqueness is a book that will remain relevant in generations to come as the message is not transient or bound by likely changes in generation gap, culture or evolution. It is a book that cuts across beliefs, values, age and generation and an easy-to-read for all and sundry.

Are you in need of answers to life’s basic questions and challenges? Then, it is time to explore Master Your Uniqueness by Zigwai Fanda.


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