Future of Nigeria depends on incorruptible visionary youths —Adeniran  

Former staff of the University of Ibadan, Dr Ganiyu  Adeniran from the Department of Veterinary   Pathology,  has said that the future of Nigeria would depend on the incorruptible visionary youths the country can produce through its formal and parental educational system. 

Dr Adeniran made the remark following his retirement and his 65th birthday anniversary held recently during which a book, titled “My footprints on the sands of time” was launched to mark the events. 

 He noted with dismay that what we are experiencing today in Nigeria in terms of declining moral decadence among the youth, is a reflection of parental negligence, and parents seem not to envisage the danger ahead of parenting negligence in the upbringing process of their children from homes. 

 According to him, a child that does not undergo discipline, especially at home, will become a liability that will eventually destroy the assets that his parents and the general public would have accumulated over the years. He opined that the country is not safe in the hands of such a child. 

He expressed disappointment that some parents felt that sending their children abroad to avoid the education decadence in Nigeria was a way out, but they often forget that those children are still coming back to Nigeria to face the untrained children. 


He said: “As serious as it is, for Nigeria to attain the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agenda, it must have produced visionary youths with integrity-based leadership skills that will take over from our dedicated ageing leaders to run the affairs of the nation judiciously. 

“It is high time parents collaborated with the schools to bring up their children morally and academically. The development will go a long way to curbing social vices among the youths in the country. It is sad to note that homes are the breeding centres of social vices in society. It is not impossible that some parents do not know that their children are wayward.  At this juncture, a corruption-free society should be everybody’s dreams in this country. What we need is proper leadership and responsive followership.”

During the launching of the book, “My footprints on the sands of time” published in honour of his retirement,  some eminent Nigerians from academic, political and business circles rained encomium on Adeniran, testifying to his life of integrity, reliability, and dedication while in service. 

For instance, Chief Wole Olanipeku declared that though  Gani is a practising Muslim, in practical terms, Gani is a humanist, a lover of mankind, and doer and seeker of anything good, lofty and godly, a friend and sympathizer,  a kindhearted and God-fearing being.

He said: “Gani is never envious of anybody, whatever might be his position or attainment; rather, he prays for and appreciates others who make consistent progress in their endeavours, without nursing or exhibiting any bitterness against them.”

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