Fuel scarcity: 18 ships arrive Nigeria’s port with 357, 396 metric tonnes of petrol

Even as Nigeria continues to battle with the fear of insufficient supply of petrol in some part of the country, including Lagos, investigations have shown that not less than 10 vessels will be arriving at various jetties in Lagos this week.

Eight vessels, which had arrived earlier, are expected to have fully discharged their content over the weekend.

The 18 vessels are laden with a total of 357, 396 metric tonnes of fuel for discharge in Lagos.

According to information provided by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), one of the vessels called St James will discharge 38,000MT of petrol at the Atlas Cove Jetty on Monday 15th of April, 2019.

Other vessels discharging at the Atlas Cove jetty include: Nord Sustainable expected with 37, 562mt, BW Marlin coming with 38,000mt, another vessel called High Sea is coming with 37,986mt. MT Hafnia Atlantic is laden with 37,951MT and MT Lacerta with 37,868MT.

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At the Single Mooring Buoy, nine vessels are discharging different petroleum products, they are; MT New Century with 61,343mt, MT Nord Valorous with 37,398 metric tonnes, AdmoreSealifter with 36,000 metric tonnes, Ocean Breeze with 37,332mt, Bora Bora with 37,000mt, MSK Torshau with 36,604mt, MT Central with 37,000mt.

Others are; BW Danube with 60,000mt, Jinan with 30,499mt, MT Hamburg Star with 59,988mt of products. This is in addition to Ocean Princess which is expected to have discharged 34,995mt at Bulk Oil Plant (BOP).

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