Friendship: An essential ingredient to success in marriage (2)

A  S established last week, a marriage relationship that will last is one in which the partners are friends. The following will also help couples to achieve marital bonding:

Dependent Future Plans

A couple who wants to succeed in marriage must also have dependent future plans. That is, they must plan or set future goals together. Not that one will be planning one thing, and the other a completely different thing. If this happens, then chaos is imminent. This plan covers a wide range such as number of children, the type of personal permanent accommodation, financial goals, investment targets, retirement goal to mention but few. When such plans are conceived together, the drive for their success will be well coordinated, without divided loyalty.

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Mutual relationships

Relationships to keep should be of a joint decision. A couple should not have independent relationship without the approval or knowledge of each other. Circle of friends should not differ as much as possible. In fact, this should be the same. The best thing is that friends of the couple before marriage should become harmonised into one circle such that they both keep the same circle of friends. As a matter of policy, anyone who cannot be the friend of the wife, has no business being the friend of the husband, and vice versa.


Joint outings

Going out together in one car as much as possible is a true mark of bonding. It is a symbol of good companionship being enjoyed by a couple. A lot of couples think it is a show of wealth and affluence for them to attend same outings using separate cars. This is an anti-bonding practice that couples should avoid as much as possible. Attending special outings for married couples is also a way of cultivating friendship. .

A marriage that must last, or succeed must have the two people bonding. This factor of bonding, called ‘becoming one flesh’ by the Bible, cannot be compromised. This is “in togetherness we stand,” slogan of a successful marriage. So, let all of us married guys strive for total bonding as we cultivate friendship in the marriage.

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