Former Man United midfielder, Marouine Fellaini tests positive for coronavirus

Former Manchester United midfielder, Marouine Fellaini has tested positive to the dreaded Coronavirus on Sunday in the Chinese province of Jinan.

According to a local health department, a recent test taken by Fellaini has returned positive for the virus which has swept across the globe.

The 32-year-old currently plies his trade in the Chinese Super League for Shandong Luneng and tested positive for coronavirus on Friday after taking a train to Jinan. Fellaini, who spent 11 years playing in England, representing both Everton and United, is reportedly the only Chinese Super League player to have contracted the illness.

The CSL is currently suspended indefinitely, following in line with other leagues around the globe which have shutdown due to the pandemic.

Covid-19 had originated from China but reports have suggested the country has seen a dramatic decrease in cases over the past month with Europe now believed to be the epicenter.

Fellaini left United for Shandong in 2019 in a £10.4million deal. He signed an eye-watering £235,000-a-week deal with the CSL side and enjoyed a stellar first campaign as he netted 13 times in all competitions.

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