Food therapy: Expert recommends body detox for healing, weight loss

Ms Ruth Oghotuama, a Natural Health and Wellness Therapist, has recommended that people should often undergo body detoxification which, she said, was “body reset” for healing certain ailments and weight loss.

Oghotuama, who is the Managing Director of Gen129organic, made the recommendation on Friday in Lagos in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the organisation’s ongoing, “14 Days Weight Management and Detoxification Programme”.

She said the body could be reset when it undergoes a process of detoxification and restoration of its proper functions with the aim of healing and weight loss through food therapy.

She noted that the process could be done by adopting a diet plan using specific fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, water and exercises within a period of seven to 30 days.

Oghotuama added that the foods could either be eaten raw or taken in the form of smoothies to get the required benefits.

“Raw foods are in their natural state, they contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibre and other essential nutrients that have not been reduced or damaged through cooking, processing or added food preservatives.

“They are also easy to digest and move faster in the intestine because they do not require too many digestive enzymes.

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“When digestion is slow as a result of eating cooked or processed foods, bad bacteria breed on them and causes fermentation, bloating and gas, however, foods intake must be timed and combined properly to achieve desired results,” she told NAN.

Oghotuama said that the factors to consider while combining foods include; the liquid content, acidic content and the time it takes to digest the food.

“The meals are timed to give the body space to digest and absorb the nutrients in one meal before introducing another.

“Water-rich fruits like watermelon is best taken in the mornings to help restore fluid used throughout the night and also maintain hydration.

“Acidic foods don’t combine well with sweet fruits, they go best with green vegetables; cruciferous plants like cabbage don’t digest quickly and they contain starch, it’s best to combine them with leafy greens and fatty fruits like avocado,” she said.

Oghotuama said combining cabbage, avocado, waterleaf and chia seeds is proper while combining banana, pineapple and orange is wrong.

She cautioned ulcer patients against eating acidic fruits.

She advised those exceeding a seven-day plan to add supplements to their diet as “the body requires other nutrients like Vitamin B12, D3, Heme iron which is not found in plants.

“The seven-day programme, participants should start introducing one cooked meal daily after taking only raw foods for that period,” she added.

She said that if carried out properly, the therapy could help heal cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Mrs Emuoghoke Emonema-Solotan, a School Owner, said she had been having an unusual surge in her blood sugar level, which sometimes rises to about 240 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) for two years.

“I restricted my meals to basically garden eggs, cucumber, pears, apples and nuts; warm lemon water first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

“Before I started the going raw programme, my fasting sugar level was 139mg/dL but during the first seven days programme, it dropped to 77mg/dL, which for me is a great feat.

Also, Mrs Judith Asuni, a Pharmacist’s Assistant, said she always felt bloated, weak and her systolic blood pressure (BP) was between 120 to 127 millimetres of mercury (mmHg)

She added that she lost about six kilograms (kg) in the course of the programme, while her BP dropped to about 97mmHg.

“I feel lighter and have lost one inch from my arm, my hip and three inches around my bust area; my starting weight was 107kg but now 101kg,” she said.

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