Film Village: Nollywood has moved on, says actress Kate Henshaw

In spite of its siting, the news of the proposed construction of Nigeria’s first film village by the Federal Government two years ago excited not a few stakeholders of the Nigerian movie industry. But today, the embers of that fire have completely fizzled down – only the grime of scorn remains.

During the week when Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, was asked by Saturday Tribune to react to the abandoned project for which over 5 billion US dollars was budgeted, the actress quickly snapped:

“Whether they establish a film village or not, we have started and we are moving on. Anybody waiting for government will not get anything done.”

Apparently drawing from the foundational mind-set that started the movie industry in the first place, Ms Henshaw’s comment also carried with it the full weight of disappointment at the cancellation of a project that was targeted to create over a thousand jobs.

The actress also opened up on how lack of structure like the film village and other enabling environments for creative and innovative imagination is encouraging a new wave of brain drain from all sectors of the economy including the creative industry.

“And a time has come when we have to rise up and say that we are tired and we deserve more. We are very strong and resilient people, we are intelligent people, but our people in both creative, medical, and other industries are leaving this country in drones.


“Because we are not creating enabling environment for them. This is why I strongly believe that every Nigerian must be actively involved in politics this time. Join a political party, where we can make a decision about how our elected officers run this country,” said the multiple award-winning actress and one of the judges of the “Nigerian Got Talent”.

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