FG urged to go beyond policies, open farm plantations in all geo-political zones

FGA Multi-level Marketing Platform, Happy World Meal Gate (HWMG) has urged the Federal Government (FG) to go beyond agricultural policies by speeding up implementation and open farm plantations in all geopolitical zones in the country.

The Managing Director, Mr Sulaiman Lento made this known to newsmen at its 2nd-year-anniversary briefing, held recently, in Lagos.

Sulaiman said that employment opportunities will be provided to the teeming population and the country will become more economic-diversified if the implementation of agricultural policies is sped up.

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“Government has been coming up with agricultural policies and a lot of plans but at this particular time, the government should go beyond policies.

“We must pursue implementation. And when it comes to agriculture, it is one of the most guaranteed sector that has enough job opportunities more than any other sectors.

“The Government should open farm plantations in all the geopolitical zones. There are youths that are talented and hardworking, let’s use them. That was how China started and it has become a global attraction.

“The Government should open plantations. It’s not just having the Ministry Of Agriculture. Today, if you look at the imported number of poultry products coming into the country. If there are farms in Nigeria that can supply these agriculture products, they won’t import” The MD said.

Mr Sulaiman also urged FG to provide good roads and other necessary infrastructure so that farmers can be encouraged to go back to their farmlands.

“The local farmers are losing because if there are no good roads, infrastructure and no value on their products, no farmer will be encouraged to go back to his farmland.

He, however, charged the farmers to package their products and export it to other countries, saying that it will add value to agriculture and job opportunities will be created more.

The MD stated that Happy World Meal Gate believes in the partnership with the farmers because agricultural sector is the way out for Africa.

He explained that Nigeria used to be the largest rice importation in Africa and the best agricultural land is in Africa and yet we are importing simply because of our policies.

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