FCT residents condemn infidelity in marriage

Some residents in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have condemned infidelity among some couples, saying it is an act that should not be justified.

They gave the condemnation in separate interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday.

However, while some of them said they could forgive a cheating spouse, others said such act would definitely put an end to the relationship.

Mrs Joy Durojaiye, a full time housewife said she could forgive her husband if he cheated on her.

“Infidelity can be forgiven because if I don’t forgive him, wherever I want to go is not even better.

“If I don’t forgive him, I am giving him the opportunity to continue with the cheating.

“I will take it the way it is, although it is not easy to forgive and forget,” she said.

Durojaiye said although she would feel hurt if her husband cheated on her, she would pray for him to repent.

Ikenna Uwakwe, a businessman said infidelity among couples was a very sensitive issue that could make him to quit his marriage.

Uwakwe noted that infidelity was wrong in every standard, morally, health wise and traditionally, adding that it violated the principles of religious tenets.

“Health wise, infidelity can make the home vulnerable to diseases; one second of enjoyment can lead to a lifelong sorrow.

“Then, traditionally and culturally, it reduces the value of the person and the society will stigmatise the woman.

“I will call it quits if my wife cheats on me, because her actions will be harmful to me, and this also means that she can betray me.

“I will become insecure even to the food she cooks for me,” Uwakwe said.

Aside societal stigma on the woman, he said that children born in the relationship could suffer psychological problems when the couple separates.

He said that cheating could be condoned among individuals that were yet to be married.

Stanley Amos, a mechanic said he would not accommodate any act of infidelity from his spouse, adding that marriage was a covenant.

Amos said that the exchange of marital vows between couples was deeper than some people imagined.

“Taking a vow at marriage means that such individual should remain faithful to his or her God, faithful to the partner and faithful to himself,” he said.

Amos, however, noted that it was easier for women to forgive their husbands if they cheated on them.

“A greater percentage of women are fateful to their partners than the men, although there is no justification for infidelity and cheating in marriage,” Amos said.

Vivian Sunday, a caterer said she had made up her mind to forgive her spouse in case of infidelity.

Sunday noted that the Holy Bible commanded Christians to forgive.

“I will forgive a cheating spouse as a Christian, if I don’t forgive and move on to the next man, you will realise you may still not be fulfilled.

“It hurts, but we should always forgive to obey God’s principles.

“I think it is even better to make up your mind to forgive before the cheating happens,” she said.

Oluchi Ajaegbo, a hair stylist observed that infidelity, especially among men was almost a trend.

Ajaegbo said that most men who engaged in it believed that their spouse would forgive them because the society stigmatised a woman who separates from her spouse.

“Most men in recent times cheat on their wives and get away with it, because they will always say it is the men’s world.

“Women also will always forgive because no responsible woman wants to be tagged as separated from her husband, especially when children are involved,” she said.

Fidelis Okpara said he would forgive his spouse of an act of infidelity depending on how remorseful she was.

“I will not send my wife away if she cheats on me that is if she is remorseful.

“I will keep her probably because of my children and while we are together, we will just end up as flat mates.

“Nothing will ever guarantee that I will not have another woman.

“But if she is not repentant of what she did, then that will be the end of the marriage,’’ Okpara said, adding that it would be difficult to do away with the thought of the act.

He noted that infidelity was against God’s will for man, adding that it would be beneficial to couples to obey marriage covenant.

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