Farmers urged to consider production of local cattle breed

AN  Animal Scientist, Mr Osmond Maduabuchi, has tasked farmers on breeding of local specie of cattle as an alternative source of meat for local consumption and export.

Mr Maduabuchi, Acting Director, Department of Animal Production, Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation, Processing and Export, said this during an interview with newsmen at his office in Awka.

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He noted that the local specie, also known as “Muturu’’ has capacity to survive any adverse condition because of  its ability to be resistant to diseases, such as “trypanosomiasis’’ or Tse-tse fly attacks.

Maduabuchi, applauded the state government’s effort to encourage breeding of specie by farmers in the state, which he said, would reduce over dependence on species from the (Fulani cows) for meat consumption.

Speaking on its comparative advantages, he described the local specie as possessing great value in meat and milk production unlike the breed which is only bigger in size.

“It’s good to have a balance. The Northern specie has a bigger frame, but our local specie is more resistant to diseases.

“So, when you cross breed the local specie with the Northern ones, you will have something intermediate, hence they will do better when cross bred,’’ Mr Maduabuchi said.

While explaining benefits derivable from the venture, he urged farmers to take advantage of government’s support services to boost mass breeding of the specie to catch up with its high market demand.