Factors for great sexlife

GREAT sex life in marriage is great and desirable. However, to achieve it is consequent upon a number of factors. These factors make great sex life inaccessible if they are not in place. It therefore means that without them, a couple cannot realise the desired great sex life. Their absence makes nonsense of all other things involved in enjoying great sex life in marriage. That is, all sex styles, locations, etc will not work if the following factors are not in place.

These factors are in the area of health, work schedules, finance and the likes.


Health of the couples

It is a popular saying that “health is wealth”. That cannot be more applicable than in the sex life of a couple. When couples are healthy, sex can be engaged in and enjoyed. It is the health of couples that will determine the extent of sex that can be available to them, before talking of enjoying sex. A healthy couple is the only one that can actively engaged in sex.

It is therefore important that couple must take care of things that make for good health. Attention must be given to a healthy life style. There is a generally acceptable health conditions that every individual must adhere to. Couples must do all to familiarise themselves with and keep to them. Personal hygiene must be given top priority: regular bath, brushing of teeth, clean inner wear as well as clean home environment.

Diseases and sicknesses must be kept away as much as possible, and where there is an infection or outbreak of diseases, immediate treatment must be sought. As in many other areas of our lives, in this part of the world, health care maintenance is below average in many families. Sicknesses are allowed to fester, thus going out of hand, in most cases. As a matter of fact, common ailments as common as malaria and stooling are regularly ignored to the detriment of the sick persons. It is therefore our responsibility as couple to watch each other’s back. It must be a case of; it is our lives together, rather than, “it is my life” or “ it is your life.” Our death and our fasting must be a collective responsibility. It is therefore an awesome responsibility for each couple to stay healthy, not only for sex, but to enjoy great life together.


Work schedule of couples

The work schedule of a couple will also impact greatly on their sex life. A couple or one of the couple, with a tight work schedule will have to make extra effort to realise a great sex life. I have a couple with a tight work schedule of the banker wife, suffering from the situation. It has almost torn the couple apart because they did not realise early enough the negative impact of such a work schedule. Couples must therefore be proactive vis-à-vis their work schedule to ensure that it does not negatively impact on their sex life.

For such couples, weekend, public holiday get away, spontaneous sex are what can be planned to make room for great sex.


Finance of couples

It is indeed true in all instances, including sex, that money answers all things. When good finance is in place, great sex becomes readily accessible. Money availability reduces most of the stressful conditions in marriage, to the barest minimum. Most of the couples’ fight has their root in money. Not only that, money also determines how much pleasure a couple can engage in, in order to enhance a great sex life.


Couples must take precautionary step to avoid a dwindling financial fortune.

They must also work towards improving their financial status through adoption of multiple streams of income plan. These days, there are many legitimate businesses that can be explored.

If couples take care of the above, they will do well in realising a great sex life.


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