Facebook Messenger Rooms: a viable alternative to zoom?

After the launch of Facebook’s new video conferencing feature, Messenger Rooms, there have been talks of Facebook replacing zoom for small group meetings.

It allows up to 50 persons at a time to do video conference. You can talk for as long as you want and you can join a room whether you have a Facebook account or not. While zoom is designed for work, education and business, Messenger Rooms is perfect for video calls with friends especially in the Facebook community. Like other apps in this category, You can either create or join a room.

By default, all your friends on Facebook can join your Messenger Room. So, to make things a bit private, you have to adjust your settings to bar some or even all your friends from the room.

You can use Facebook Messenger Rooms on Mobile via Facebook app, Messenger App or a browser.  If you don’t have the app, you can download Facebook app here for android users and here for iphone users OR download Messenger app here for android users and here for iphone users. It is very interesting to use but could quickly become frustrating if you don’t know how to go about it. Read our article on How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms?

Zoom and Messenger Rooms have many similarities like viewing a list of participants, screen sharing, etc. However, we want to consider the differences between both applications here so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Major differences between Zoom and Facebook Messenger Rooms

Has a 40-minute limit on free callsThere’s no limit on free calls
Allows 100 participants at a time for video conferencingAllows 50 participants at a time for video conferencing
Allows you to mute all participants if you’re the hostYou cannot mute participants
You can communicate via chat while the call is ongoingYou cannot chat while call is ongoing
Record MeetingsYou can’t record meetings
You can ask participants to wait in the waiting room till you let them inOnce your link is shared, people can access the room directly

We believe Facebook will add more features to Messenger Rooms in the coming weeks and we can’t wait to write about them.

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