Exciting s3x positions for couples’ enjoyment (1)

Sex   I decided to write on best sex position today because a reader of this column called in to know various sex styles available for sexual enjoyment. Let me state here again that there is no wrong or right position for sex. As long as you get pleasure from a sex position agreeable to you and your spouse, it is alright for you. So, every couple has to experiment to discover what gives them maximum pleasure in bed. This discovery is a learning process that takes time, courage, and willingness on the part of each couple.

Communication is a key to discovering the best way to give each other sexual pleasure. Each couple must therefore freely communicate on what gives them great pleasure, turns him/her off, and when to change position, and try new style as inspired in the very act of sex.

Before I state what is the best sex position, permit me to mention here some of the sex positions available from which a couple can discover which works best for them. Of course, there are more than enough positions that are available to couples. So, don’t expect to read about all of sex positions here. Rather, you will only have something to serve as a guide to help you discover more positions as you engage in sex. That means you will have to have sex frequently in order to make great discoveries along this line.

Husband on top/ Missionary position

This is the most commonly used sex position of all ages. It’s like the starter in the sex experience of humanity. Even, the novice in the game will most likely be familiar with this style. According to Tim and Beverly laHaye,’’ our research indicates that 91% of couples use the man above position all of the time, or most of the time ‘’.

Wife on top position

This position puts the wife in the driver’s seat which allows the husband to relax so as to last longer in the act. This style gives the wife the advantage of being in control and setting the pace for having the greatest pleasure in bed. A big frame husband with a small frame wife should find this position most convenient.

C.A.T. position

C.A.T stands for Coital Adjusted Technique. This is basically a face-to-face position just like in the missionary position. The difference between the two positions is that the man shifts higher here in such a way that his shoulder and head are about six inches higher up the bed than in the missionary position. In this position, the man does not penetrate her, but the stem or root of the manhood is pulled hard against the clitoris so as to produce great sensations in that all important tiny organ.

To be continued next week.

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