Excellence Estate promoter calls for more housing investments in cities’ suburbs

A housing expert and promoter of Excellence Estate, Mr Misbau Aminu, has called for more housing investments not just in the nation’s main cities but also in the suburbs and low density communities with a view to decongesting cities and bringing the much needed development to non-city areas.

Mr Aminu, a civil engineer, made this known recently when unveiling the Excellence Estate situated along the popular Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, and which is expected to further open the frontiers of investment opportunities at the Arepo area of the expressway and its environs.

According to him, the kind of investment opportunities a place like Ikoyi has brought to Lagos State, can be replicated in other places and states, in as much as development of housing units take place there, saying this is exactly what he hopes to achieve with the Excellence Estate in Ogun State and ultimately in the neighbouring states.

Thus while unveiling what he deemed the “unique features” which he hopes would make the estate uniquely different from others and which he hopes would help make it become a source of investments, Mr Aminu said the estate is set up to meet the needs of those at home and in the diaspora.

“Excellence Estate is a combination of horticulture and aesthetics. It comprises homes that are fully detached, semi-detached, terraces, and block of flats.

“The estate is subdivided into two; the built-up area, which is about two- thirds of the land, and the site and services plots that form about one-third of the land,” he said.

He stated that the built-up area would be strictly regulated and fully designed.

“This property is sold either as a building or acquired land, which is developed to stated regulations and design. The other one-third affords the buyer coming up with personal designs,” he added.

He stated that the entire estate was service-driven, and so its pristine nature is not negotiable. “The horticulture, that is, the green areas are also not negotiable.”

Other facilities in Excellence Estate would include, a shopping mall, church, mosque, school, hospital, corner shops and the recreational facilities like the park/green park, he said.

He explained that a pay-back value had also been introduced which he said would serve as an incentive given to buyers. “This is in form of discounted amount that will be given to them during construction of the buildings. These will include but not limited to expertise services, cement provision, that will be provided to them at discounted rate.”

There is tight security provision for the estate, according to him. Aside the estate being fenced round and having a gate, there is provision for CCTV monitoring the entire premises, security officers, as well as the presence of Divisional police, he said.

He stated that the buildings could be bought in stages either as; carcass, or semi-completed, and the completed stage. The completed building is targeted at people in the diaspora who are expected to buy and just move into a completed decent apartment.

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