Events planning pitfalls and how to overcome them



Recipe for Success

Besides being a good troubleshooter, what strategies can you adopt to give your event planning business the best possible chance for success? Here are some quick tips:

Stay calm. “It sounds like simple advice, “but if you›re able to stay calm—even when the kitchen has been accidentally set ablaze by the caterer—then your client will feel calm and reassured, too.”

Create good energy at every event. “You get what you give,” “Always try to establish a friendly relationship. It’s a much nicer way to do business.”

Acquire professional training. You cannot give what you don’t have. Equip yourself with all the required skills and knowledge to start and scale your event business on the right pedestal.

Provide the service you say you will. Use written contracts, and stick to them. And keep good records.

Concentrate on the type of planning you do best. Don’t be jack of all trades and master of none. Focus on your strength and outsource your weaknesses.

Create a reliable team around you. You can never be an island in the event industry. You need the right set of people to succeed. You will always need the right and probably the best team members to achieve your event objectives always

Try to be one step ahead, and expect the unexpected. “There’s always something that will go differently than planned,”. “You’ve got to be ready for that.”

Make your clients happy. “In this industry, there’s no right or wrong except to make the client happy,” Doing the work and getting it right is what matters.

Developing a strong customer base, paying close attention to clients’ needs, finding a niche, and coping with a changing economy are all proven ways to keep a business successful and out of financial difficulty. Remember to periodically ask yourself the following questions:

Have I carefully analyzed the demand for my services, monitored the marketplace, and adjusted to changing conditions?

Have I found a niche that provides me with enough events to plan, without involving too wide a range?

Do I have an accurate and realistic amount of cash reserves?

Do I have a business plan and mission statement?

Are my services priced accurately?

Have I kept my overhead costs to an absolute minimum?

Have I created a good team, with well-chosen staff and vendors?

Does my company provide the kind of customer service that keeps clients coming back?

Do I market my company effectively?

Event planning is a “happy” industry. You have chosen a field that will allow you to create wonderful memories for many people. If you do just that, success will follow.

Don’t give room for hazards. Go for standards.



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